Musical Toys That Will Be Perfect Under the Tree

Boomwhackers Whack Pack

Kids are naturally drawn to music and will learn lyrics to their favorite songs starting from a young age. Since many people are looking for great gifts for the kids in their lives, a musical toy could be a great fit. If your little one loves music, fill your house with these great toys that encourage creative play and developing a love for making music.

Read on to learn about some of the great musical toys that kids love.

Sing Along Star Mic

Become a True Star with a Microphone and a Guitar

Does your little diva love to sing along to the radio and belt out her favorite tunes when at home? If this is the case, it may be time to bring home the Sing-Along Star Microphone kids’ toy this year. This is a fun way to help your kids improve verbal skills and build confidence. When your kids open this great toy on Christmas, they will find an adjustable red toy microphone that features buttons and plays a variety of different melodies, as well as a drum roll, cheers and applause. Your child will feel like a rock star when he gets up to sing in front of an ‘audience’.

Boomwhackers Whack Pack

Boomwhackers are colorful tubes that look similar to a xylophone, except they make percussion sounds. Used by professional musicians, Boomwhackers are precisely tuned to exact pitches, making beautiful, interesting sounds when struck.

This Whack Pack comes with two mallets, or they can be separated and struck against each other to make music. This pack also comes with a songbook to help your kids learn basic tunes.

Giant Piano Mat

Play the Piano without Your Hands

Playing the piano is fun – but it’s twice as exciting playing with your twinkle toes! With the Step-to-Play Giant Piano Mat, your child can dance around while making beautiful music using this great toy for musical kids. This fun toy looks exactly like a real-life piano, and lays on the floor like a welcome mat. Using all six feet of this giant piano mat your child can get some exercise and learn about basic musical melodies.

Better yet, this is not just a piano mat, this mat makes the sounds of other instruments, like the harp, flute, xylophone, violin, trumpet, and more! Let your kids play, and the piano mat can record and play back their songs. Don’t worry, there is also a volume control so that you can relax while your kids play.

Symphonic Grand Piano

Try a Real Piano

If you are looking for something more low key (get it? Low key? Heh), the Symphonic Grand Piano might be just the ticket. This adorable, tiny grand piano is perfect for a toddler. Great features like 15 built in demo songs, 37 note keyboard, 8 instrument choices, and more. Make songs and record them to play back later. Start teaching your little one basics like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hot Crossed Buns.


Oompapa Oompapa

If you’re looking for something a little spunkier, this Accordion toy may be just the ticket. This musical toy looks just like a real accordion, and is even made of wood with durable plastic coating to ensure it stays intact and in good shape for many years to come. Best of all, it also includes a set of instructions that will teach your child how to use this instrument. This fun music toy is perfect for kids ages seven and up who are ready to try a new instrument.

Best Toys to Encourage Music

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