New and Unusual Games and Activities for Beach Time

If you live next to a beach or within driving distance, consider yourself extremely lucky, especially now that summer has arrived. While the hinterland of the United States must find other ways to cool off and enjoy the beauty of the summer months, coastal residents can instead head down to the beach and have fun in the water. The beach and the ocean, in general, provide so many outlets for fun for the entire family and offer an excellent spot for swimming, walking together, surfing, snorkeling, and so much more. Overall, the beach is a wonderful place to be once summer arrives.

Of course, while the traditional activities mentioned above may be a great way to spend a day at the beach, there are so many other ways that you can enjoy a day in the sun. Are you looking for a few extra ideas you can test out this year when you drive to the beach, or even fly there for a vacation? Consider these new and unusual beach games and activities for the beach.

New and Unusual Games and Activities for Beach Time

Jumbo Bananagrams

Bananagrams is one of the most fun games you can play with the entire family. Bananagrams is extremely educational, fun, and an activity that can hold the attention of both children and adults alike.

What exactly is Bananagrams? Bananagrams is an awesome word game that requires creativity and a strong command of spelling. Each player gets a handful of tiles, all of which have different letters on them. Players must then create a variety of different words using the tiles in their hand, and if words have already been played by others, participants may build upon these with their own letters.

But what makes Jumbo Bananagrams different from the original version, and why is it such an excellent game to bring to the beach? Most importantly, the jumbo version is simply a larger and more interactive version than the original. Instead of miniature tiles, this game comes with massive letters that children can hold in their hands. And best of all, the tiles are water resistant, so nothing will get ruined from the salt water of the ocean. Bring this wonderful game to the beach and get ready for fun for the whole family.

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OgoDisk Mezo

Playing catch is a wonderful way to spend time with the kids during a day at the beach. Throwing a ball or Frisbee back and forth with the little ones will help build their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and allows you to bond together over this fun beach game.

But if you are looking for a new twist on the traditional game of catch, look no further than the OgoDisk Mezo. This sweet kids’ toy provides an excellent beach activity that everyone will love.

What is the OgoDisk Mezo kids’ toy? This toy comes with two hand trampolines that can bounce nearly any ball over 150 feet. Your children can hold onto the trampoline, and send balls rocketing back and forth to one another. This is a great game to play in the water, or even on the hot sand next to the ocean.

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Fling a Ring

So many families love to play lawn darts or horseshoes when they head to the beach. And for good reason, too – these awesome games combine skill, precision, and tons of fun for both adults and children.

And now, with the Fling a Ring set from Imagine Toys®, you can combine the excitement of both games with an awesome activity for beach time. Similar to both, this game requires players to toss rings at posts, aiming to be as close as possible. Children will love this game since it requires a bit of accuracy and precision to win. Set this up the next time you head to the beach and get ready for a family tournament.

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Original Boom Ball Paddle Set and Slingshot

At Imagine Toys®, we always strive to offer original, unique toys that your children we love. Which is why we are proud to offer the Original Boom Ball Paddle Set and Slingshot, a beach game that provides fun for everyone in the family. Swing the paddles in this game to the beat of the drum with this game that features a patented boom technology. Each time the ball hits the paddle a “boom” sound is emitted. This is a wonderful beach game for the kids, and may even provide you with a summer workout, as well!

Try Out these Games for the Beach

Don’t let the summer pass you by without getting a chance to head to the beach with the entire family. And if you are looking for a few fun ways to spend the day, try these awesome beach games that the kids will love.


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