Not Just Toys: 7 Ways Kids Can Enjoy Family Time

Not Just Toys: 7 Ways Kids Can Enjoy Family Time

In the aftermath of the holiday season, many parents find themselves virtually unable to get the attention of their little ones whose lines of attention are strictly honed in on their new toys. Many little ones nationwide are often gifted more toys during this time of year than any other, and thus spend the following months playing with these new gifts as much as possible.

Of course, it is always wonderful to see our little ones enjoying the toys we got them for the holiday season, and it is certainly pleasant to see smiles across their faces. However, this abundance of toys often means that family time takes a backseat while the little ones get to play.

In reality though, family time should always be a priority, as it helps the family bond and grow together. So if you need a few ideas for fun and kid-friendly family time activities, consider trying out these seven great ways to spend time together during the upcoming year.

1. Arts and Crafts as a Family

It is fairly difficult to find a child who does not love to dabble in arts and crafts. But usually, it is the little ones who play with the arts and crafts supplies while the parents stand idly by. This year, considering adding some arts and crafts fun into family together time; you can grab some pencils, crayons, and paints, and make a masterpiece collectively, or work on your own projects individually. This will help you share in an activity that your children already love.

2. Tell Your Favorite Memories

One of the best ways to connect with your little ones, especially away from the holiday toys, is by telling stories about your favorite memories that you have with one another. As a parent, your favorite memories may be many and may involve exciting adventures, or day-to-day routine. However, you may certainly be surprised to hear some of the memories your children cherish about you as well!

3. Get Out of the House

Family time doesn’t necessarily have to involve hours spent sitting around the dinner table or in the living room within your home. Instead, you can have just as much fun with family time outside of the house, especially if you decide to go somewhere exciting. For a fun twist on family time, consider visiting a local landmark or museum, or even take a day trip out of town together.

4. Make a Meal Together

For many families nationwide, a large amount of time together is spent eating around the kitchen table. And for a fun way to enjoy family time this upcoming year, consider letting the kids help out in the kitchen and make a feast together. You can choose the food items, and simply let your little ones help with basic tasks; or you can even be more adventurous and let your kids plan the meals altogether.

5. Learn a New Sport

Do your kids love to play sports after school and during their free time? If so, add a bit of fun into your regular family time routine by committing to learn a sport together as a family. If your children love soccer, grab a tennis ball and some racquets and head to the courts. Or if your kids enjoy basketball, head to a local gymnastics gym and bounce around for awhile, or even take a class together. This is a wonderful way to bond while enjoying some physical activity.

6. Volunteer at the Humane Society

In most locations nationwide, there is an abundance of adorable animals in humane societies or other animal shelters that are looking for care and companionship. So this year, for a new idea for family time, head to the humane society to volunteer. You may have the option of walking dogs or playing with animals during downtime; either way, you can help out animals in need while spending time as a family.

7. Create a Time Capsule

Finally, for a great family time tip, spend some time this year creating a time capsule of some of your treasured items that you can bury in the backyard and uncover in 20 years. Time capsules provide a wonderful way to look back on your past and reminisce, and are always fun to create with the family. And the children will love to participate in this as well, eagerly looking forward to the day that they can unearth their forgotten treasure.

Spending Time with Family This Year Without the Holiday Toys

Are you looking for fun ways to enjoy family time without your little ones playing with their toys? If so, consider trying these seven simple ideas that are perfect for families of all sizes, and that your little ones are guaranteed to enjoy this upcoming year.


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