Not Your Dad’s Toy Racetrack: 5 Creative Racetrack Sets

As parents, many of us look back on the racetrack sets we had as children with fond memories of fun and exhilaration. To be sure, the racetrack sets we possessed allowed us to witness our toy cars rocket around in circles, flying around the corners and reaching record-breaking speeds (for toy cars, at least). Without real cars of our own, this was the next best way to satisfy our need for speed.

But while the racetrack sets we had as children may have been a hit then, modern era track toys have a number of additional benefits that are perfect for children today. So if your child loves to play with cars and a penchant for racing, consider bringing home one of these five great toy racetracks before the year is over.

5 Creative Racetrack Sets

Perfect Preschooler Racing Kit

It is never too early to allow your children to play with a toy racecar track. In fact, even if your little one is still in preschool, he or she can still have fun with the SmartMax Basic Stunt Set today. This awesome toy racecar set comes with 44 different construction pieces and allows your child to build an awesome race track in the living room. This set comes with magnetic bars and metal balls, making assembly extremely easy. And best of all, the pieces are large and easy to grasp, even for kids in preschool. Don’t hesitate to bring home this fantastic toy racetrack today and help your child develop a love for fast cars.

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Huge Set to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Playing with toy racecar sets isn’t strictly about having fun. In fact, many toy car track sets, like the Deluxe Build A Road + Elevator, provide extremely educational opportunities for little ones, helping them learn the basics of general building and construction, as well as engineering as they set up the track to allow for the cars to travel in multiple revolutions. This great toy racetrack set comes with 240 different pieces, and includes an elevator and a ramp to include various movement possibilities. Let your child strategize using this great racecar set today.

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Feel the Need for Speed!

Many children are undoubtedly fascinated by things that move extremely fast, cars in particular. Of course, as parents, we have all likely witnessed our children “ooh” and “aah” as they see cars race by on the highways, or as they watch planes fly above them in the sky.

And while it is unlikely that you can give your child the same exhilarating rush of speed, you can help recreate this feeling by surprising him or her with the Speed Master Racetrack Set today. This fun racing set allows for two cars to race side by side simultaneously, and includes four curves, two loops, and two racecars. And to propel the cars through the loops, this great toy also comes with a Mega Motor wind up engine that shoots the cars down the track without the use of electricity or batteries.

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Try the Demolition Derby

While some may see cars and automobiles as nothing more than simple forms of transportation, others may view them as the perfect tools to bring to the demolition derby. To be sure, the demolition derby is a popular form of entertainment throughout many parts of the country, as it combines cars, destruction, and pure adrenaline for everyone in the stands to witness.

And now, your child can take part in this incredible fun with the Crash N Bash Speedway toy for kids. This awesome demolition derby toy comes with two exclusive Twist ‘n Go race cars; kids simply have to twist the cars, push the button, and watch them race off to crash into one another along the five full feet of raceway.

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A Starter Set for a Beginning Racer

Is your little one just now developing a love for cars and things that move fast? If so, then now might be the perfect time to give him or her a starter racing set, like the Sky Racer Racetrack Set for kids four and older. Of course, this great racetrack set may look at basic at first, but once assembled it can provide hours of fun for your little ones at home.

Open up the box to this toy and you will find materials to build a three-meter track with two loops and one curve. And best of all, this track can be combined with other Darda sets to make the ultimate raceway for kids.

Build a Raceway with Your Little Ones this Year

Do you want your little ones to share the experience of racing toy cars that you once had as a child? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home one or more of these five great toy racecar tracks and get ready to have some blazing fast fun as a family.


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