Our Favorite Toys for Ages 5-7

For the past few weeks at Imagine Toys® we have been highlighting a few of our favorite toys for kids of a certain age. We began with our favorite toys for babies, and continued on by detailing a few of our favorite toys for kids ages 3-4. Each of the toys we have listed thus far have been designed specifically for children in this age group, and are meant to facilitate imaginative play, a love for learning, and the development of key skills.

In continuation of this series, this week at Imagine Toys® we are showcasing what we believe to be some of the best toys for kids ages 5-7, those who may just be entering school, but who still love to play when they get home.

Beauty Star Station

Toys for Kids Ages 5-7

Girls ages 5-7 often begin to develop an interest in makeup, jewelry, and other beauty products. And now, with a fun toy for girls ages 5 and up, you can help your daughter feel like a grown up with her very own beauty kit. The Beauty Star Station toy comes with 30 different beauty items in a variety of removable trays that are perfect for any little girl of this age. Open up this makeup kit and you will find a lighted mirror, nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, makeup brushes, jewelry, and much more. Let your daughter discover the world of beauty with this delightful makeup set for kids.

2-in-1 Sports Trainer

Sports Training Toys for Kids

Will your son or daughter begin playing in his or her very first sports league this year? If so, there is no time better than today to test out the 2-in-1 Sports Trainer from Imagine Toys®. Pitchers and quarterbacks can practice their throwing accuracy with this fun toy; on one side you’ll find a catcher at home plate, and on the other you will see a wide receiver ready for a touchdown catch. Work on your skills together as a family with this sports training toy for kids.

Beat Boppers Drum Set

Kids Toy Drum Set

Introducing your kids to music at a very young age can be highly beneficial for their development in a variety of different areas. And this year, with the Beat Boppers Drum Set, you can allow your little one to explore the world of music with a flashy toy for kids. This kids’ toy lets children record their very own drum beats, or play along to numerous pre-recorded rhythms. Your child can even toss on the headphones and included and sing along until his or her heart is content!

Arx 2.0

Our Favorite Toys for Ages 5-7

If you are simply looking for a toy that will keep your child entertained for hours during playtime, consider testing out Arx 2.0, a kids’ toy that helps stretch the limits of the imagination. This children’s toy is one of a kind; it comes with 24 different circular building pieces, as well as 2 bases. Each of the pieces is magnetic and can link together with the others. Kid can build their own structures, and are truly limited by nothing but their own creativity.

Emergency Medical Trolley

Toy medical cart

Are there any aspiring doctors in your home? Nurture their dream by heading to the online store today and bringing home the Emergency Medical Trolley kids’ cart from Imagine Toys®. Kids will loving playing with this medical cart, which comes with scissors, and IV bottle, a mouth mirror, forceps, a blood pressure meter, and a variety of other medical tools to ensure proper health. Let your son or daughter take care of the family today with this fun medical toy for kids.

Bodydoodles: The Tattoo Guessing Game

wonderful toys for school age children

Is your child fascinated by tattoos and body art? Now, with Bodydoodles: The Guessing Game, you can let your little one get their very own tattoo in a fun and safe way. This delightful kids body art set comes with 30 body cards, 150 doodle cards, 4 skin-safe washable markers, and easy-to-follow rules. Body art has never been so safe, fun, and easy than with this great toy for kids.

Toys for Kids Ages 5-7

Are you looking for a few toys that will challenge your little one and keep him or her entertained? At Imagine Toys®, it is our goal to provide your kids with fun toys that will help them develop each day. Head to the online store and pick out one of these wonderful toys for school age children today.

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