Our Favorite Toys for Babies and Toddlers

The minds at Imagine Toys® are constantly working on new toys for children across the country. We understand that happy and healthy children should have access to a variety of different types of kids’ toys, and strive to offer a wide array of children’s items for little ones of all ages.

Are you looking for a wonderful new toy to bring home to the kids you love? Consider these favorite toys for babies and toddlers from the online store today.

Whack ‘em Racers

Race car toy for baby toddler

The new Whack ‘em Racers toy combines hammering skills, counting, and fast race cars all in one fun children’s racing set. The multi-colored race cars remain lined up in their respective garages, waiting for a driver before they take off down the track. And it is up to your child to start the engines with the toy hammer that comes with. This interesting kids’ racing toy teaches your little one about cause and effect, as he or she whacks the cars to send them racing. And best of all, it folds up with relative ease, letting you bring this racing toy wherever you want to go!


sensory toy for baby

Children across the country have never seen something as fun and exciting as the PipSquigz from Imagine Toys®. What exactly is a PipSquigz, you may ask? It’s a small, silicone sensory toy for babies ages six months and older, which stimulates a variety of different senses to help your child’s development. This interesting toy combines visual stimulation--with its array of bright colors and odd shape, touch--with its bizarre texture, and auditory processing--as it makes strange noises with the suction cup ends that make noises when they are pulled off surfaces. Children will have a blast listening to the crazy sounds that come from the PipSquigz toy.

Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

Bring music into your home this year with the LetterTrain and Piano Activity Table from Imagine Toys®. This delightful toy for children over the ages of one teaches your little ones about the alphabet in a musical setting. Kids can push the train along the tracks of letters, learning the alphabet as well as the song that goes along with. This train toy comes with fun sound effects too, like a train whistle, a gearshift, a spinner, a sliding bee, and a flapping butterfly. With this toy your child can practice the alphabet, and even have fun identifying the animals and other objects that are lying around the track.

Grow With Me Musical Walker

musical walker

If your child is just starting to walk, there is no better way to help than with the fun GrowWith Me Musical Walker from Imagine Toys®. This cute toy comes with a detachable cell phone and has an easy-grasp handle for your toddler to hang onto as he learns how to take his very first steps. This fun toy also comes with a detachable 5-note piano keyboard, and includes turning gears, a sliding melody button, a flap book, a reflective mirror, rattle spinners, and spinning balls. Your child will love the fun melodies and sounds effects that play when he gets up and walks around the house.

Happy Dog Rolling Puzzle

wooden rolling toy

Are you looking for a fun puzzle toy that your child will love? Consider bringing home the  HappyDog Rolling Puzzle from the online store today. This cute kids wooden activity toy comes in the shape of a small dog that can be pulled around the house with a string. And best of all, the dog contains puzzle pieces in three different shapes that each have individual holes on the dog. Children will develop their fine motor skills as they pull the dog toy around the house, and will work on their shape recognition using the fun puzzle pieces.

Other Toys We Offer

Of course, at the Imagine Toys® online store, the options of baby and toddler toys are nearly limitless. We have a variety of different sensory toys for little ones who are just learning about the five senses, different puzzles to help children learn about shapes, colors, and critical thinking, and a variety of different music and engineering toys to help foster a curious mind. And we even have dress up toys for kids who like pretend play, and dolls for children who want something to take care of their own.

Do you need the perfect toy for your little one this year? Don’t hesitate to head to the online store and grab one of our favorite toys for babies and toddlers today.


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