5 Cool Outdoor Toys Kids will Love This Summer

As a child, there are few things more exciting than long summer days spent away from the classroom, and outdoors with friends and family members. The summer is a season of non-stop fun, excitement, and adventure, and often leads to some of the best memories that children retain throughout the entirety of their lives.

Of course, you can always send your little ones out of the house and into the backyard to find some fun on their own. Or, you can help inspire activity by providing them with some great toys.

Are you looking for a way to help your little ones get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature this summer? Consider these five awesome toys that children across the nation love.

5 Cool Outdoor Toys Kids will Love This Summer

Punch the Summer Skies

There is no question about it: paddle ball is one of the most timeless and fun activities that children of all ages love. Paddle ball is an extremely simple activity; to be sure, all it requires is a set of two paddles, a ball, and two participants who are willing to hit the ball back and forth. The players can follow rules when hitting the ball back and forth, or simply whack it across the backyard together and have a blast.

And Imagine Toys®, we have a toy that packs an additional punch into the traditional version of paddleball. The Punch Paddles, an awesome outdoor summer toy, takes original paddle ball and adds a twist. This fun outdoor kids toy comes with two fist-shaped paddles that your kids can hold in their hands, allowing them to punch the inflatable ball back and forth amongst one another. This great kids’ toy promises endless fun in the backyard this summer.

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Test Your Balance this Summer

Slacklining is an extremely fun activity that has gained significant popularity across the country in the past few years. To be sure, while even a decade ago it may have been uncommon to see someone slacklining in a field in town, or even on a college campus, now these low-to-the-ground tightropes seem to appear everywhere you turn.

Of course, young children, especially toddlers, may not be able to handle the challenges of a slackline strung one or two feet off of the ground. But if your little one shows an interest in this type of activity, or even just wants to test his or her balance, make sure you have the Balance Blox set up in your yard this summer. This fun toy is similar to a slackline, yet is only five inches off the ground, so no fall protection is needed. It helps build coordination and balance and is sure to provide tons of fun.

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Scooter Fun for Summertime

If you had a scooter as a child, do you remember how much fun it was to hop on and ride around the neighborhood during the summer months? Scooters are easy to maneuver and easy to carry, and provide a fairly safe method of transportation for children of all ages.

And at Imagine Toys®, we believe that the GLX Pro 3-Wheeled Scooter is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face as he or she rides this outdoor kids’ toy throughout town this summer. This awesome outdoor summer toy is a great way for kids to ride around and get exercise (as long as they are always wearing a helmet), and comes in cool red or purple colors that your little ones will love. Plus, it’s adjustable, meaning it can grow along with your child.

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Up, Up and Away!

Does your child look up into the sky and wonder about the planes that fly above? Does he or she one day dream of sending a rocket into space? This summer, with the Air Bolt Rocket Launcher, you can learn all about physics and send a rocket flying into space. Just set up the outdoor kids’ toy, stomp on the rocket, and watch it fly into space!

Outdoor Toys Kids will Love This Summer

Extreme Outdoor Board Action

Board sports are becoming incredibly popular among kids of all ages. From snowboarding to skateboarding to even sandboarding, there are many varieties that your kids can enjoy.

And with the Spooner Yardboard, your little one can ride down virtually any surface using a single board. To be sure, this awesome outdoor kids’ toy works well on snow, sand, grass, and even gravel. Your child can grab ahold of the rope connected to the board, and steer as he or she goes flying to the bottom.

Have a Blast This Summer

Don’t let the summer end without helping your child enjoy the warm weather in the backyard. And if you need a bit of inspiration, make sure to bring home one or more of these great outdoor toys that your kids are sure to love.

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