Painting Rocks is Fun for the Whole Family

Painting Rocks

You may have seen some pictures of painted rocks on art websites, but you don’t have to be a fine artist to paint interesting and fun rocks with your kids. We have collected our favorite rock painting tips and ideas for your family, so you can spend a rainy day or lazy weekend painting rocks in beautiful, silly, and touching ways.


Rocks can easily be purchased from most craft stores cheaply. When you buy them, you also won’t have to worry about scrubbing them or breaking local and state laws collecting them on protected land. Plus, while you are there you can purchase some cheap brushes of varying sizes, acrylic paint, and sealer. You can choose brush on sealer or spray. If you choose spray, that step should be completed by you in a well ventilated area.

Painting Games

Make your own games by painting rocks. It is easy to make tic-tac-toe boards by painting x’s and o’s on 5 rocks each. Paint colorful designs on the backgrounds and you are ready to play anywhere you go. We love the idea of taking a small cinch bag and painting the board on it, so you can store the rocks when you are not playing, and play right on the bag.

You can also easily make chess or checkers pieces from rocks, a great way to make a personalized game that you can play any time.

There are two ways that you can make dominoes from rocks. You can make the traditional pieces by painting dots on a black background, or you can make a more kid-friendly game by painting each end of the rocks different colors.

One fun way to paint stones is painting a racetrack with the rocks as cars, gas stations, shrubs, and more. You can make an entire little city and you don’t have to worry about toys breaking.

Painting Happiness

Painting words on rocks is a great way to send a very special, long lasting message to a loved one. If you are really proud of your child for getting a good grade or doing something very kind, or they need a little encouragement, paint a sweet message and give it to them. It is a good way for your kids to thank other people or give a small gift to a friend.

Painting Characters

It is not too hard, with a little imagination, to paint beloved cartoon characters. It is a great way to play or just use as decoration. We think it is fun to paint friendly monster faces or funny family portraits on stones. Spice up a family photo with self-portraits on stones, or decorate a framed family picture.


If you have a garden, paint stones with your kids to label different plants, it looks really cute on an herb garden as well. It is easy to paint rocks into tomatoes, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables as well. If your kids love gnome gardens, they can add to the scenery with painted stones, making little houses, gnomes, and more.

Painting pumpkins and Halloween themed scenes and creatures is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Set up the decorations around the house or give to special friends. For winter, you can paint mix-and-match snowmen, with several different heads, bodies, and bottoms to change around into silly snowmen.

Learn with Painted Rocks

If you have very little ones, help them learn colors, letters, and numbers with painted rocks. Hot glue magnets to the back of alphabet rocks and stick them to the fridge, so little ones can rearrange into small words. One note of caution, don’t use rocks with kids that still put objects in their mouths.

If your kids are learning math, paint math symbols and numbers on rocks. You can help your kids practice addition and subtraction problems with these rocks.

Have fun Painting Rocks with your Kids

Whether you are looking for a rainy day activity, decorations, or learning tools, paint rocks and have fun with your kids!