Personalized Toy Gifts

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to pick up some great new gifts for the little ones in your life. But do you know what your children want? And do you really want to spend hours in line at the end of December, searching for something to surprise your children?

Instead of just picking any old gift, why not give your little ones a personalized toy gift with their very own name across the front? At Imagine Toys®, we have so many options that we truly believe your little ones will love.

Celebrate a Birthday Everyday with a Wooden Cake

What’s better than a birthday cake for the birthday girl? A personalized wooden birthday cake that will last for her entire lifetime. With the Personalized Wooden Birthday Cake from Imagine Toys®, you can have your little girl’s name written across the wooden frosting, and surprise her when the big day arrives. This beautiful personalized toy for little girls comes in pink, and has candles sticking out of the top. It also comes with a tray, a knife, and cake slices so your daughter can divide up pieces for all of the guests who attend.

Relax with a Personalized Chair from Imagine Toys®

This year, let your child sit back and relax during the holiday season with the sweet new Personalized Navy Laguna Chair from Imagine Toys®. This fun personalized kids toy chair is comfortable and is the perfect place to lounge around on a Sunday afternoon. And best of all, with your child’s name written across the cushions, he can lay claim to this comfortable couch exclusively.

Camp Out in the Living Room with a Fun New Tent

If your children have always wanted to go on a camping trip, take them on a great indoor adventure this holiday season with the fun Home Sweet Tent personalized gift toy from Imagine Toys®. This great new kids toy is great for kids that want to go on a wild adventure without even leaving the comfort of their living room. This great tent is simple to set up and simple to store, and comes with durable cotton canvas and wooden poles. Choose from six different colored letters to write your child’s name across the outside.

Read a Personalized Story

Does your child love to hear a story before bed? If so, then you can give her truly sweet dreams with a personalized storybook about her very own life. The Toy Drum Personalized Book Kit lets you write your child’s name across the very front, and includes a prewritten story and beautiful illustrations that your child will love. It also comes with direction that make it simple to craft a personalized story around your very own little one.

A Personalized Gift is Perfect for the Holidays

This holiday season, give your children something that they will truly love by supplying them with a personalized gift from Imagine Toys®. There are so many options to choose from, and so many gifts that your children will enjoy.


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