Pogo Hop Leaps With Important Outdoor Summer Fun

Pogo Hop Leaps With Important Outdoor Summer Fun

With the end of the school year nearing, it is time to prepare for a summer filled with fun. The summer months are a time of excitement and exploration, as well as a chance for the family to spend time together each and every day.

Of course, the summer is a perfect chance for your little ones to test out a few new awesome toys they can use both indoors and out. And if you are looking for a sweet new kids’ toy to keep your children entertained during the summer months, turn your eyes to the online store and bring home the Pogo Hop today.

What Exactly is the Pogo Hop?

Pogo Hop Outdoor FunAt Imagine Toys®, we constantly strive to offer children’s toys that are entertaining and interactive, and that retain a variety of different functions. And that is exactly why we are highlighting the  Pogo Hop this week, an excellent kids’ toy that’s a perfect option for summer fun this year.

What exactly is the Pogo Hop? The Pogo Hop is an outdoor (and indoor) toy that helps builds coordination and improves balance, and is a sweet new activity that your little ones are sure to love. The Pogo Hop is comprised of two partial bouncy spheres that are joined together in the middle by a plastic ring. Kids stand on the Pogo Hop, with the ball between their feet, and hop around the house or the backyard. This delightful children’s toy is designed specifically to work both outside and inside as well, meaning that you can bring it to the backyard, or even carry it along on a trip to the park.

And best of all, the Pogo Hop kids’ toy from Imagine Toys® inspires imagination, as well. While children bounce around on the Pogo Hop, the little ones can get lost in their imagination as they think up new and exciting games and uses for this kids’ toy.

The Importance of Outdoor Fun During the Summer Months

The summer months provide a wonderful time to head outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature with the rest of your family. The leaves become a brilliant green, the sky is a silky blue above your heads, the clouds roll by offering shade from the light as they creative shapes that can be determined with a creative eye. Overall, heading outside during the months of summer can be a blast for everyone, young and old.

But in addition to being fun, going outdoors during the summer can also be extremely healthy, especially for your little ones. In fact, there are many benefits of going outside in the summer of which you should take advantage before the weather cools down again.

Soaking Up the Sun

Over the years, sun exposure has developed an extremely bad reputation due to its connection with cancer and the overall destruction of the skin. But while excessive sun exposure can lead to danger, moderate exposure, especially when the sun is not at its zenith (directly overhead), may provide a host of benefits that are only available in this method. Studies have shown that the most effective way of receiving vitamin D is through exposure to the sun; this, in turn, can help promote bone growth, absorb calcium in the body, fight off heart disease, and aid in numerous other functions. Higher levels of vitamin D may also help prevent or mitigate mood disorders, showing that sun exposure may help keep your children’s emotions balanced and healthy.

Back to Nature

In our modern era, technology is king. Kids grow up tapping away on tablets, playing on smartphones, and typing on computers and laptops with ease. Time spent inside is often tied up with technology, and time spent outside may be in front of a miniature screen, or even thinking about what games are available after going back indoors.

This is largely due to our society’s dependence on technology, which has helped civilizations advance in extremely positive ways. That being said, a reliance on technology should never be cause to eschew the natural world that still surrounds us each day. The natural wonders of the world will always exist hopefully, and, as such, it is important to help your children become comfortable with the outside world at an early age. By heading outdoors and going on nature walks or hikes, or even digging in the backyard, you are affording your kids the chance to experience a world far away from screen and keypads, and one that offers interactive and rewarding activities.

Hop on Into this Summer

This summer, get ready to have a blast outdoors with the kids you love. And for some extra fun, head to the online store and bring home the Pogo Hop for your little ones today. 

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