10 Easy & Tasty Recipes for National Grilling Month

10 Easy & Tasty Recipes for National Grilling Month

Summer time is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year to head out into the backyard, or even a nearby park, and grill a delicious meal with family and friends. Something about the taste of grilled food generally elicits emotions of nostalgia and beauty, all tied to the wonderful past and future possibilities of the summer months.

And because summer is such a popular time to grill, the month of July has even been declared National Grilling Month, a time when families are encouraged to find a grill and a picnic bench close by and have a feast together. Don’t let the month pass by without trying these 10 great grilling recipes that will be a certain hit for the entire family.

1. Grilled Zucchini, Peppers, and Onions

What’s more delicious than fresh and juicy vegetables warmed to a crisp on a hot grill beneath the sky? For this simple recipe, grab a zucchini, bell pepper, and an onion, and slice them individually. Douse them in olive oil and salt and pepper, and toss them on the grill. Turn the vegetables periodically, and get ready to enjoy this great family grilling recipe. And you can even let your child participate in the fun with the Chef’s Choice toy for kids.

2. Grilled Pizza

Does your family love pizza baked in the oven? Then they will surely love this delicious treat cooked on a grill outdoors. Simply grab some dough, sauce, and all of the toppings from the store. Place the sauce and toppings on the dough, and let your child take part with the Curious Chef Pizza Kit; and instead of tossing it in the oven, put it atop a hot grill. The end result will be delicious!

3. Grilled Corn

Corn on the cob is a delicious American summer pastime. But instead of boiling the corn this summer, why not change things up by tossing the corn on the grill? The end result of this family grilling recipe is a pile of toasty corn that the whole family will love.

4. Grilled Salmon

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year for salmon, which often comes from thousands of miles away to reach our plates. And now, you can truly bring out some of the best tastes in this wonderful fish by tossing it on the grill and enjoying it with some lemon.

5. Grilled Burgers

Are you sick of pan-frying burgers in your home throughout the year? Would you rather cook a delicious burger that seems to melt in your mouth with every bite? Don’t hesitate to head outside to the backyard and toss a few burgers on the grill to guarantee a delicious dinner that will satisfy everyone in the family.

6. Grilled Steak

Have you been dreaming of a wonderfully juicy steak that is cooked perfectly pink on the inside, yet still retains blackened grill marks on the outside? Are you sick of filling the kitchen with smoke each time you fry a steak? Take advantage of the warm weather and make a steak on your grill outside.

7. Grilled S’mores

Not many families have a giant firepit in their backyards where they can set up a campfire. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the tradition and deliciousness provided by s’mores. In fact, using a grill to make s’mores adds some additional excitement to this pastime.

To try out this delicious recipe for National Grilling Month, place a sheet of tin foil down on the grill. Then set down a graham cracker, a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate, and another graham cracker again. Lower the lid of the grill, let the s’mores cook for a few minutes, and get ready for a gooey surprise.

8. Grilled Chicken

Chicken is an incredibly lean and healthy meat, and one that is a great option for the summer months. Toss some chicken breasts on the grill this summer for a great recipe for National Grilling Month.

9. Grilled Eggs

You don’t have to only use the grill for lunch or dinner. In fact, you can grill eggs; simply toss them on the hot grill for a few minutes, and they will come out as if they were boiled.

10. Grilled Hot Dogs

What better way is there to end a great summer day than by sitting down at a picnic table and eating grilled hot dogs with family and friends? Grab some hot dogs from the store, as well as a few buns and your favorite condiments, and celebrate the wonderful weather.

Get Ready for Some Tasty Treats

Do you love the taste of food plucked right off of the hot grill? If so, don’t hesitate to try out these 10 great family grilling recipes before the end of the month to serve some delicious food for everyone.

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