Ring in the New Year with Kids

New Year’s Eve is not generally seen as a kid-friendly holiday. In movies and on TV you will see adults going out to parties and drinking excessively. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can plan a New Year’s Eve with kids that will be fun for everyone, you included.

Ring in 2017 with these ideas on how to include kids in the festivities.

Dress Up

Nothing makes an occasion feel special like dressing up. If you are staying home or having a party, make sure to wear your finest. You can make paper eye masks with some ribbon and string. Your kids may need help cutting out the eyes. After the masks are cut out, use washi tape, jewels, and markers or paint to decorate your masks.

After getting all dressed up, it may be time for a dance party. Choose songs that are kid friendly but easy to dance to and dance the night away while drinking kid-friendly mocktails.

Go Out on the Town

Once you are all dressed up, another way to celebrate is to go out on the town. Go out to a fancy dinner or go to a local ice skating rink. Go skating at an outdoor rink and drink hot chocolate. If your kids are old enough, bundle up and watch fireworks at midnight. It is a special treat to get to stay up late with you. The next day your kids will probably be grumpy, but it will be worth the memories.

Make New Year’s Resolutions

Start a conversation with your kids about how 2016 is ending and talk about your resolutions and hopes for the new year. Ask them about their resolutions and hopes. You could even write a letter to your kids to be read next year at New Year’s. They can write a letter to themselves or color a picture. Put these in a sealed envelope and write ‘to be opened in 2018’.

Stay home to Celebrate

If you are not up to facing the crowds or icy roads, staying home can be as much fun as going out. Make decorations with your kids, banners, noisemakers, and party hats. Order in or cook a favorite meal.

Since you are dressed up, it’s a great time to have a photo booth. It’s easy to set up, just use gold streamers for the background and make sure you have tons of props. This is the perfect time to bust out goofy sunglasses, crazy costume jewelry, hats, and all the fun things you never have an excuse to wear.

Make an hourly countdown with a new activity for each hour. With decorating, dining, dancing, calling friends to wish them happy New Year, and watching the ball drop, you will have plenty to do each hour. If you are not interested in watching the ball drop, you can go outside when it gets close to midnight and light sparklers to celebrate. Don’t be surprised if your kiddos don’t make it until midnight.

Have Fun Celebrating New Year’s with Your Kids

Celebrating the New Year with your kids is a great time to make special memories and live it up.

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