Safe Pregnancy Exercises During Your First Trimester

Safe Pregnancy Exercises During Your First Trimester

Being pregnant is often one of the most wonderful times in the life of any woman. During this time, the woman is growing and nurturing inside of her a young life that will one day be her very own beloved child, representing the beginning stages of the miracle of life.

Of course, because pregnancy entails caring for a future child within a woman’s womb, most expecting mothers do virtually everything in their power to help provide for the child’s safety throughout all three trimesters. And, as such, many women avoid exercising entirely, assuming that doing so in any capacity could prove harmful to the little one.

We understand the desire to provide your little one with a healthy life beginning at the very first stages; however, you can safely exercise throughout the course of your pregnancy, as long as you take specific precautions. If you are currently carrying a baby through your first trimester, consider these safe exercises during pregnancy to help you and your baby remain happy and healthy.

First Month

The very first month of your pregnancy is the best time to begin considering how you will modify your existing workout routine, or incorporate one into your life altogether full of safe pregnancy exercises during your first trimester.

If you already have a developed exercise routine that you have been following for a significant period of time beforehand, the first month of your pregnancy is the best time to modify this; regardless of your routine, limit any exercise to three or four days per week. Three or four days each week of exercise provides you with enough activity to remain healthy during your pregnancy, but won’t cause any stress or resulting damage to your child.

In contrast, if you have not exercised much or at all prior to getting pregnant, it is imperative that you now begin. Exercising moderately during this time can help you remain healthy, which, in turn, will ensure your baby’s vital systems are benefiting as well.

And if you are unsure of the best type of exercise for your situation or have concerns about high-impact routines, start by spending time walking three to four times per week. Walking results in little to no stress on your joints, yet still offers numerous benefits.

Finally, it is imperative that you avoid any high-impact or dangerous sports, or ones that could leave you out of breath. This may include martial arts, contact sports, scuba diving, gymnastics, or horseback riding.

Second Month

The second month is another important time in your pregnancy, and one during which exercise is still important. Unlike your first month, however, the second month often contains a key milestone: your first pregnancy-related doctor’s appointment. During your first doctor’s appointment, you have the option of asking any and all questions you may have related to your pregnancy; as such, this comprises the perfect time to ask about your current workout routine, whether or not it needs any specific modifications, and any other questions you have about exercising while pregnant.

In addition to this, with the approval of your doctor, you should consider engaging in light jogging/running during this second month of pregnancy, which provides numerous health benefits. Of course, it is important to still ensure you don’t push yourself too hard for the sake of your health and the health of your baby.

Third Month

The third month is the final month of your first trimester and acts as somewhat of a transition period during this remarkable stage in your life. The pregnant woman begins to experience numerous changes, and, of course, starts to notice her belly growing with the beautiful baby inside.

At this point, many women assume that they may lose balance, which in turn could affect their ability to exercise as well. In reality, however, most women at this stage in their pregnancy retain their balance, and, as such, should not have any great difficulty with most exercises. Women during their third month of pregnancy may still enjoy walking and jogging/running, or may even wish to incorporate a dance-based exercise routine, such as Zumba.

Most importantly, women at this stage, as well as all stages hereafter, should make sure to never engage in activities in which they are likely to overheat. This means that women in their third month of pregnancy should avoid performing any strenuous exercises that could lead to overheating; in addition to this, though, women in this stage should avoid exercising in hot weather, and should instead limit their routines to cooler periods of the day and/or exercise indoors.

Safe Pregnancy Exercises During Your First Trimester

If you are currently during your first trimester of pregnancy, it is important that you talk to your doctor about exercising to provide for the health of your baby. Make sure to consider these safe pregnancy exercises this year with the approval of your doctor.

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