Simple Safety Tips for Kids Riding on Wheels

Simple Safety Tips for Kids Riding on Wheels

Now that the weather is finally warming up this year, it is time to head outside with the little ones for a few rays of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. You can grab some sports equipment for an afternoon of fun, or even find a pair of binoculars to go on a nature walk with the kids.

Of course, if you are looking for an activity that will guarantee your children have a blast this summer, consider bringing out the bikes, rollerblades, or skateboards for some fast-paced fun. Before you do, however, make sure to grab the Raskullz T-Rx Bonez Mohawk Helmet from the Imagine Toys® online store to keep your children safe and protected as they cruise down the street .

In addition to wearing helmets, though, there are numerous other safety guidelines you should follow to ensure your little ones stay safe on wheels this summer. Consider the following bike, skateboard, and rollerblade safety tips for kids for a fun and stress-free summer.

Helmets Are Always Necessary

T-Rex Bonez KIds Mohawk HelmetIf you plan on having your children use bikes or any other wheeled devices this summer, it is absolutely imperative that they always wear a helmet during the process. Children between five and 14 have some of the highest rates of non-fatal bicycle-related injuries, with many taking trips to the emergency department in the wake of an accident. Of course, in the event of an accident, having a helmet strapped to your child’s head will protect him or her from a catastrophic injury.

Are there ever any reasons to be lenient about the helmet rule? Should you allow your kids to ride without a helmet if there are no cars around, or even on softer surfaces like grass? Absolutely not – even if children beg to take a trip without a helmet, stay strong and require them to keep it on their heads and all time.

Furthermore, what’s the best way to ensure your kids wear this protective device on a bike? Lead by example. If you toss a helmet on your head each time you hit the road, showing your kids that it’s a requirement of everyone, your little ones are much more likely to do the same.

When the Sun Goes Down, It’s Time to Come In

Along with requiring your little ones to wear a helmet each and every time they hop on their bikes or skateboards, it is also important for you to bring them inside the moment it becomes too dark to see out on the street. Even if you live in a residential neighborhood with no cars, and your kids ride on perfectly manicured streets with no potholes or other blemishes, riding should still be restricted to the daytime hours. Riding during the night, when visibility is highly diminished or near zero entirely, is extremely dangerous, and can put your children at risk of a serious injury. To avoid this, set a time limit for riding, and stick to it once the sun goes down.

Always Ride Together, or Supervise Street Riding

Learning how to ride a bike is a large milestone in the life of any child. To be sure, the ability to ride a bicycle provides a sense freedom or kids of all ages; as such, kids who have mastered the skill of bike riding may ask to ride around the neighborhood by themselves, or with their siblings or friends.

No matter how adamant your child is that he or she can ride safely without being supervised, you should never let him or her out of your sights on a bicycle during younger years. Even when only riding around the neighborhood streets, make sure to stay close at all times.

Obey Rules of the Road

Before heading out for a ride into town with your little ones, make sure they understand the importance of abiding by the rules of the road. This includes waiting at stoplights and stop signs, yielding for pedestrians, and signaling when making turns . Failing to do so may be against the law, but more importantly it could put you in unnecessary danger.

And in some cases, it may ultimately make more sense to leave the bikes at home, and instead walk, drive, or even take the bus. Bicycling is an extremely efficient and healthy way to get around town, but you should only do so with your children in a safe manner. If you are concerned that traffic will be heavy or there won’t be any bike lanes, don’t put your kids at risk and avoid biking into town.

Ride Your Bikes and Stay Safe

The summer months provide the perfect time to ride bikes, skateboards, and rollerblades. But before you head out on your wheels, pick up a new helmet for your kids, and read through these tips to stay safe on the road with your little ones.

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