School’s Out – Fun Activities for Kids

Now that summer’s coming, your kids are going to have a lot of extra time not spent in school or daycare. And to keep them busy and have some fun, it’s time to get creative and get working on some great activities for kids. Here are some ways you can pass the warmest months of the year:

Outdoor Arts and Crafts

If your child has spent all year doing arts and crafts in their classroom or with their friends, why not bring out their creative side under the sun? A good set of sidewalk chalk, like the Big Chalk Drawin’Machine, can inspire hours of fun spent creating a masterpiece on the sidewalk or driveway. Give them suggestions, like a drawing of you and your family together, or let their imaginations run wild and have them draw whatever they like.

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Education Outside

Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop when they leave the classroom. As they stumble upon new things, whether it’s on a walk together or just playing in the backyard, be sure to explain to them everything they don’t understand yet. Be creative, use imaginative descriptions, and watch their knowledge of the world grow.

You can also incorporate math lessons into outdoor playtime. Ask them to count the birds they see in the sky, or how many trees are in the yard. If they’re more advanced, ask them more difficult questions, like how many feet are on four birds. This will keep their mind sharp in the months that school is out.

Hop on a Bike

Bike riding with your child can be a great way to stay fit and have some fun. If they don’t know how yet, then this summer can be the perfect chance to teach them how to ride on two wheels (or you can always look into training wheels). If they’re already a pro, take them around the neighborhood, or even around town, stopping every now and then for some water or a popsicle.

If you do go bike riding, make sure that everyone’s wearing a helmet. Raskullz Bike Helmets have a great selection of kids’ bike helmets, and they come in different shapes and designs so that your child will look cool when they’re riding around with their parents.

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Write a Book

As your child plays outdoors during the summer months, have them write down their fun experiences in a journal or in a notebook from school. They can keep a list of everything they did, the friends they saw, the foods they ate, and all of the exciting things that popped up in the outdoors. This can be a great thing to bring back to school for show and tell as a way to tell their friends what they did over the summer.

If they do decide to keep a journal, consider having it bound by a professional. A relatively inexpensive task, binding your book will provide your child with a memento they can keep and look back on forever.

Get Out There

Once the bell rings for summer, your children will be home and ready to have fun until school starts again. Use some of these ideas to keep them engaged, and to spend time as a family during the warm months.


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