Sew Cool! Fun Family Sewing and Knitting Projects

Sewing and knitting are both wonderful tradition that is often passed down from mothers to their daughters throughout generations. It is a way for these family members to bond over teaching and learning something new, and it provides the little girl with the wonderful ability to create her own clothes and accessories.

Have you taught your daughter yet how to sew or knit and create her own garments and pieces of apparel?

If not, then this year is the perfect chance to pass on this fun and creative ability. And for a little help, turn to one of the fantastic Sew Cool Sewing Studio and knitting arts and crafts for kids offered now by imagine toys®.

Prepare for the Winter with a New Homemade Fleece Blanket

It can be tough to look forward to the impending winter if you don’t have enough warm clothes to fend off the chill. This year though, you can ensure that you and your daughter stay nice and toasty with the Make Your Own Fleece Blanket arts and crafts for kids activity from imagine toys®. All your little girl has to do is tie a few knots and she will have a beautiful new fleece blanket that she can wrap around her for added warmth.

What Fun is the Winter Without a Fashionable Knitted Scarf?

Scarves add a host of style and warmth to an ordinary winter outfit. By simply wrapping a scarf around your neck you can protect yourself from the chill and make a daring fashion statement for all to see.

Does your little girl not have a scarf to wear this winter? No problem – all she needs is the new Fashion Knitted Scarf knitting studio from imagine toys®. After a fun day of arts and crafts for kids your daughter can create a beautiful scarf and learn the fun art of knitting. This knitting for kids activity is great for girls that love to be creative!

Knitting for Kids to Create Beautiful Fashion Accessories

Does your little girl love to add a variety of colorful accessories to any outfit that she wears throughout the day? If so, then she may quickly fall in love with the new Fashion Knitting Studio knitting for kids activity from imagine toys®. With this great new knitting studio, your little girl can knit a colorful scarf to keep her warm throughout the chilly winter months, along with a host of other beautiful items to accessorize her wardrobe. Sit down and knit a comfortable bracelet, socks, or other comfortable wool accessories for warmth, comfort, and some added style. This is an excellent knitting studio to use to create homemade wool accessories for your daughter’s closest friends and family members this holiday season.

Does Your Daughter Love Arts and Crafts? Try Out New Knitting and Sewing Studios Today

Don’t let the winter catch you unguarded from the chilly temperatures. Instead, pick up one of these great new kids arts and crafts activities, and share the joy of sewing and knitting with the daughter you love.


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