Sing Like a Rock Star

Singing is almost instinctual for some people. Our voices comprise one of the simplest musical instruments, and let us belt out beautiful melodies and sweet lyrics with nothing more than a breath of air. Singing conveys a wide array of emotions, and can put a smile on nearly anyone’s face.

And at imagine toys®, we strongly believe that children of all ages should partake in this beautiful activity throughout all ages, in order to experience the wonders of making music. So this year, we are offering a great new kids microphone music toy that provides a simple yet fun introduction to music for kids of all ages. Your little rock star will fall in love with singing with a new kids microphone musical toy from imagine toys®.

Who is the Rock Star of the Family?

Get ready to train your little one to sing like a rock star with the new Sing-Along Microphone from imagine toys®. This fantastic microphone music toy is the perfect gift for any little girl or boy that loves to sing at the top of her lungs whenever she is able. The new Sing-Along Microphone music toy comes with a microphone and a microphone stand that can adjust to any height for your little girl. It also comes fully equipped with a sound effect foot pedal that can change the tone of the sound, as well as flashing lights that will change along with the music. The sounds effects that can be projected include four different rhythms, as well as a cheering and clapping audience that can provide support for your little rock star. Your daughter can practice on her own in the house, and when she’s ready she can throw a concert for all of her family and friends to attend.

Get Your Children Involved in Music This Year

This fun music toy is a great toy to keep your daughter or son happy and give her or him a chance to practice their singing skills from the comfort of home. Of course, while singing alone at home can be fun, we also suggest that you sign your daughter or son up for a children’s music group before the year comes to an end.

A music group can provide multiple benefits for children of all ages. First, it gives them a great introduction to music, often by teachers who are skilled at working with kids. Additionally, it allows your children to work and create beautiful music with other little ones, which requires patience and a sense of cooperation. Finally, being involved in a music group may instill in your child a love for music, which they can carry with them for years to come.

Bring Home a New Microphone Kids Toy and Get Ready to Rock

Does your little one love to sing at the top of their lungs throughout the house? If so, then we have the perfect toy for you. Pick up a new kids microphone from imagine toys® and surprise your little rock star at home.


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