5 Sports and Fitness Toys to Get Kids Moving

There are few things more important for a child’s development than fitness and physical activity. While children should be provided with a healthy amount of educational toys and activities to fuel their minds, they should also be offered ample time to get up and move around in order to ensure they retain healthy bodies.

And, of course, one of the easiest ways to make sure your little ones are getting enough movement in their lives is by introducing sports and fitness toys into play time at an early age. If you want to get your kids up and moving around , consider bringing home one of these five great sports and fitness toys from our online store today.

NightZone Hoops

Sports and Fitness Toys to Get Kids Moving

Every child knows that when the sun goes down on a summer day, the fun is over immediately, and it is time to head inside and get ready for bed. But with one of our great sports toys, the fun can last all night this summer. In fact, with the awesome NightZone Hoops fitness toy, you can play basketball all night long, even indoors. This fun sports toy comes with a light-up backboard that can be attached to any standard door with the included hook; set it up in your child’s bedroom for some before-bed time basketball fun, or put it on the front door outside and shoot some hoops at night in the great outdoors. This great kids activity from Imagine Toys® also includes a small foam ball than can be thrown through the hoop, or you can even teach your child how to perform a slam dunk. Have round-the-clock sports fun this week with a great sports set for kids.

Baseball Challenge Game

Baseball Sports Game

If your child loves to play baseball, one of America’ greatest pastimes, then he or she will love trying out the Baseball Challenge Game from Imagine Toys®. This awesome sports set helps children improve their throwing accuracy, and builds motivation and confidence to help turn your little ones into sports stars.

Open up this toy and you will find a soft indoor baseball, as well as a scoreboard mat covered with different numbers. Points are awarded to the thrower based on the placement of the pitch, and the recorded audio feedback will keep encouraging your children until they are successful. Watch your little one become a pitching star with this fun baseball challenge toy for kids.

Punch Paddles

Get Kids Moving Activity

Are you looking for a sports toy that adds a creative twist to traditional games? Do you have two or more little ones that want the chance to play together this year? If so, then the Punch Paddles sports toy may be the perfect addition to your family this year. This great fitness toy builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and will keep your kids playing together for hours in the backyard.

This delightful kids toy comes with two soft fist paddles with inner handles your children can grasp, as well as an inflatable ball. Using the fist paddles, your children must punch the inflatable ball into the air towards the other participant. Then, the other participant must punch the ball again back towards the first player. This fun game will build cooperation between your little ones, and will let you try out a new activity that adds a fun twist to regular paddle and net sports.


Swing Ball, Twist on Classic Tether Ball Game

For a long time, tetherball was nearly ubiquitous on children’s playgrounds throughout the entire United States. The outdoor grounds of many schools were often lined with children waiting to get a chance to play this fun and classic ball-and-string sport.

And even if you can’t set up a tether-ball stand in your very own backyard, you can still let your kids test their abilities at the game with the SwingBall kids’ sports set from Imagine Toys®. This clever sports toy adds a few twists to the original game, but provide a safe and enjoyable alternative that you can bring home to your kids.

The SwingBall kids’ toy comes with a tether-ball stand; instead of using hands to play, however, children must use the two checkerbats that come included in the box, which will help protect their hands during play. Kids can swing the ball back and forth and play together indoors or outdoors this year.

NightZone Football

Night Zone Football Toy

Summer is the perfect season to toss the football around in the backyard with your kids. And now, you can practice during the day or night with the NightZone Football from Imagine Toys®. This sweet light-up football works perfectly as a sports toy during the day, and helps you keep your eye on the ball when the sun goes down.

Have Fun and Play Sports This Summer

Don’t let your kid spend this summer sitting on the couch. Instead, test out a few of these great sports toys and have some fun together in the great outdoors. 


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