Start a Kids' Band with These Music Toys

Introducing your children to music at a very young age can be highly beneficial for their overall development. For one, it allows them to use their creativity to create new melodies and rhythms with musical instruments, their two hands, or even just their voices. Furthermore, musical instruments can also help develop your children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, both of which are key skills to grow at a young age. And finally, learning how to play an instrument and playing music also helps strengthen kids’ memory and recall skills, which can help them excel in the classroom.

And, of course, what is one of the best ways to bring music into your household and into the lives of your children? Simple – bring home a few children’s musical instruments and start a kids’ band. Check out these children’s music toys and start a kids’ band as soon as you can.

Idol Maker Electronic Drum Set

Start a Kids' Band with These Music Toys

Every great kids’ band needs a drummer who can keep the rhythm going throughout the entirety of the set. There is no better way to help your child become a star drummer than by bringing home the Idol Maker Electronic Drum Set from Imagine Toys®. This children’s band set comes in the shape of a regular drum kit, and lets your little one choose from four different drum pads. And to help your child get started, this kids’ drum kit also has six prerecorded rhythm selections and built-in demo songs with volume and tempo control. Take your children down the path to rock stardom with this great drum set for kids.

Sing-Along Star Microphone

kids toy microphone

Does your child dream of getting up on stage and singing in front of an audience filled with screaming and cheering fans? Then it may be time to bring home the Sing-Along Star Microphone children’s music set from Imagine Toys® and get started practicing today. Kids will love getting their hands on their very own toy microphone, into which they can sing aloud some of their favorite tunes. This adorable kids’ toy also comes with a microphone stand to set the mic during rest, as well as a set of additional special effects that enhance the musical experience. Press the pedals and you can choose from the sound of clapping and applause, melodies, or even a drum roll to help you get started. Bring out the rock star in your child with this fun microphone and stand for kids.

Rock Out Electronic Guitar

children’s-sized electronic guitar

Every great band needs a lead guitar player who will get out in front of the group and rock out. And this year, you can help your little one become the star of the show with the Rock Out Electronic Guitar children’s band set from Imagine Toys®, a toy meant for young aspiring musicians. This great kids’ musical toy comes with a children’s-sized electronic guitar, which has real metal strings and will help make your little one feel like a star. This guitar has 13 different sound-making buttons, as well as a whammy bar for some added special effects. And of course, because every lead guitar needs some extra flair while on stage, this fun kids’ musical toy also comes with a hands-free microphone for some added vocals, as well as a pair of shades for an extra cool factor. Your little ones will love to rock out with their new electronic guitar and sunglasses from Imagine Toys®.

MEEP! Piano

kids’-sized piano

Not all music has to be about guitars and rock-‘n’-roll. In fact, the piano, a timeless instrument, holds a host of benefits for kids of all ages. Teaching your kids to play the piano at a young age, even at a basic level, can lead to numerous advances in their lives. Playing the piano helps fine-tune a child’s hand-eye coordination, as well as muscle memory and motor skills. The visual layout of the piano will also help a child understand certain specifics of music, such as the systems of octaves, and different keys.

Are you interested in having your little ones learn how to play the piano this year? If so, bring home the MEEP! Piano, a cute kids’ music set from Imagine Toys® and get ready to play. This kids’-sized piano looks just like the real thing, and plays five different octaves in a layout mat on the floor. Take the first step into the world of classical music with this music toy for kids.

Boomwhackers Whack Pack

xylophone kids’ music toy

Even abstract have a place in your home if you want to start a kids’ band. Are you looking for something slightly out of the ordinary? Then consider the Boomwhackers Whack Pack today. This xylophone-shaped kids’ music toy will teach your little one all about melodic percussion instruments, and is perfect for kids ages three and older.

Start a Kids’ Band Today

Do you want to bring music into the lives of your children? Head to the online store today and bring home one or more of these wonderful music toys for kids.

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