Steps to Finding Your Child’s Toy Interests

As parents, we often take one look at a new children’s toy and immediately see it as the perfect toy for our little ones. And, because of this, we may be extremely surprised when we bring home this alleged perfect toy to our little ones, only to see that our children actually have no interest in it whatsoever.

Of course, this isn’t our kids telling us that they are upset with us, but instead is simply our little ones following their very own toy preferences. Viewed objectively, it makes sense: if our children don’t like a certain toy, why would they want to play with it?

Naturally, you can’t change the kind of children’s toy that your child likes, but you can figure out their preferences for the future. Here are a few ways to discover what your child likes and pick out the perfect toy.

Consider Color Preferences

This may sound simple, but some children may quickly gravitate to one toy or another based solely on its color. If your child displays a preference for certain colors over others, opt for toys in that specific hue over any others.

Think About Interests

Does your little one love watching cars fly by on the road? Or does your child love to dress up in different costumes and play pretend with you and the rest of the family? Or would your child rather be building something new with any materials they can find? Observing these simple cues in your child can give you great insight on what type of toy they will prefer.

Bring Home Two Different Types of Toys

If you entirely unsure of what type of toy your child will prefer, one of the easiest ways to tease out their interests is by bringing home two or three entirely different toys and placing them in the room for playtime. By giving your child the option to choose between different toys, you can begin to understand which ones they prefer over others. This, in turn, will help shed light on your child’s interests overall, and what types of activities make them happiest.

When in Doubt, Take Your Child to a Toy Store

Have you brought home a few kids’ toys for your child, and still have no idea what to do in the future? Are you unsure if your child likes puzzles, trucks, costumes, or anything else? If you still can’t decide, don’t be afraid to bring your child to a toy store and let them pick out one toy for themselves. This will eliminate a large amount of the guesswork, and will give your child the chance to get something that they want. Plus, by observing your child’s behavior in the toy store, and to which toys they gravitate, you will have a stronger idea in the future of what types of toys to get.

There’s no reason to feel concern if your child doesn’t like the kids’ toys that you bring home. To avoid this in the future, however, try these tips to find out exactly what your child wants.


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