Summer Backyard Activities Kids are Sure to Love

For children, fewer events are more exciting than the first day of summer, and the warm weather that it often brings. Early spring weather generally leaves us damp and a little dreary, hoping for the sun to finally come out behind the clouds. And when it does, it leaves children all the more excited to explore the outdoors and have some fun in the backyard.

This summer, don’t forget to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors with your children. And if you need some inspiration, consider these awesome backyard activities that your little ones will love.

Summer Backyard Activities Kids are Sure to Love

Go on a Backyard Adventure

Although kids’ toys may provide tons of fun, they aren’t they only way that you can enjoy the backyard this year. In fact, there is certainly one incredible way to have fun outdoors with the little ones using nothing but your own imagination: a mythical backyard adventure! This allows your kids to exercise their minds, while getting outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature.

How can you set up your own backyard adventure? First, pick a few characters for your children to play; this may include a knight, princess, explorer, or any other type of character your child desires. During this adventure, you will act as the storyteller, leading your little ones through a tale of their own. Guide them from point to point, describing them in detail how the story unfolds, and asking them the actions they want to take in certain situations. This will help your children utilize their imagination as they walk from place to place.

Naturally, you can bring along props and accessories, such as kids’ toys, to add to the fun; but for the best backyard adventure, all you really need is a well-crafted story and a pair of excited little ones.

Bake Sale/Lemonade Sale

Most of us can look back on our childhood’s and remember the one or more times we spent in front of the house, selling lemonade, baked goods, or other homemade products to passersby. It was often a way for us to make a few dollars of our own, and a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.

And even in our contemporary world of dietary restrictions and contamination concerns, most pedestrians still smile when they see a pair of children, flanked by their parents, selling a homemade delight for a small price.

So this summer, consider extending the tradition a generation by making something in the house with your little ones and setting up a small business out front of the house. This is a great way to help your children feel a sense of accomplishment, and to help them understand the power of hard work for compensation.

What can you make at home with your children? Of course, you can always go with a tried-and-true favorite, lemonade, something that kids have been selling for decades. There are no limitations, however, as you can always opt for baked goods to sell as well. You can even try a health-conscious option and make everything sugar and gluten-free!

Summer Backyard Activities

Ride a Backyard Zipline

Imagine the look on your children’s faces when you tell them that they can spend part of the summer riding a zipline in the backyard. They can fly along from end to end, feeling the summer breeze against their faces as they zip above the ground.

Of course, this may simply sound like an exciting dream; but this year, you can turn the dream into a reality with the Eagle Series Zipline with Seat toy from Imagine Toys. This exciting toy will help you and the children have a blast this summer.

What’s so great about this toy? Most importantly, it lets you set up a zipline in your very own backyard. Simply follow the instructions to attach each end and assemble the handles and seat, and your little ones will be ready to ride. This is a wonderful toy for kids ages seven and up who are ready for a fast-paced backyard adventure this year.

Create Your Own Sport

Are your kids in love with sports? Are they always looking for a new sport to learn, from soccer, to baseball, to even disc golf? This year, turn up the fun by heading to the backyard and creating a sport of your own. You can bring traditional equipment, like baseballs or bats, or even bring along random gear, like a broom. Come up with a few rules beforehand, or simply create them on the fly for an afternoon of outdoor fun.

Getting Outside to Play

This year, head outside with your little ones for some fun in the sun. And to get started, try these simple ideas and get ready to have a blast in the backyard.

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