Arrr! Have Little Swashbucklers at Home? 5 Gifts They’ll Love

There is something truly special about the lives of pirates and their adventures at sea. These fearless folk travel the world in their ships with their crew at their sides, looking for new, unchartered territories to conquer, and battling with anything that comes into their wake.

Of course, it makes sense that many children would love the tales of pirates and dream of one day being able to don a pirate cap and be the captain of their own ship. But while you likely can’t help your child to become a buccaneer in the ocean, you can still help him or her have a blast during playtime with some great kids’ pirate toys. If you have a little corsair running around your house looking for an adventure, bring home these five great pirate toys for some pretend play fun.

Arrr! Have Little Swashbucklers at Home? 5 Gifts They’ll Love

A Sword to Protect the Ship

Every dashing pirate needs a sword to protect his or her ship from other pirates, or even from monsters that lie beneath the surface of the ocean. And now, your child can be the defender of his or her very own pirate vessel with the Captain Charlie Sword. This delightful pirate toy for kids looks just like a pirate’s blade, and is perfect for dress up or pretend play to help your child get lost in his or her imagination. And best of all, this kids’ sword is made of cloth, providing a safe yet exciting toy for your little one to enjoy.

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Keep the Treasure in the Chest

All pirates possess some treasure that they must keep hidden from the rest of the world. Some pirates choose to keep their treasure hidden on their very own ship, while others place their treasure in far-off locations throughout the globe, where no one else would think to look.

But with the Decorate Your Own Treasure Chest, your little pirate can keep treasure in the house with this awesome kids’ pirate toy. It has a secret compartment and a working lock, and comes with 250 silver and gold gems your child can use to decorate this treasure chest.

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Have Fun in a Pirate Playhouse

Does your child love to engage in imaginative and pretend play, wherein he or she gets to choose an adventure and get lost in the fun? If so, then your little one will certainly enjoy the Pirate Den Playhouse toy for kids this year. This toy provides the perfect place for your little pirate to hide out from others and create a new plan. This great pirate toy can fit two children at a time, and includes two mesh windows, a flap front door, and a carrying case as well. And it’s simple to assemble, as well; after bringing this fun toy to your home, in no time you’ll be having a blast getting lost in your imagination.

Pirate Doll

A Pirate Doll to Keep Your Child Company

It can be lonely on the high seas without anyone to keep you company. To be sure, some pirates choose to sail the ocean by themselves without any crew or companions.

But your child doesn’t have to face the wicked waves alone; instead, he or she always has a pirate friend with Lottie Doll – Pirate Queen. This adorable pirate toy for kids is seven inches tall and has brushable hair that doesn’t tangle like that of many other dolls. She can stand on her own and walk and use her arms and shoulders, and she comes with brown shorts and a green sash, as well as a blue waistcoat, cream-colored tights, and other pieces of clothing and accessory. This doll is prepared for any adventure together with your child.

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Make a Pirate Puzzle Together

Are you looking for a fun and interactive pirate-related activity that you can try together as a family? If so, consider surprising your child with the Oscar the Pirate Puzzle for the holiday season this year. This great kids’ pirate toy is perfect for little ones who are looking for a bit of an intellectual challenge while thinking about the lives of pirates.

This fun pirate puzzle comes with 40 different pieces and is over four feet long when fully complete. And it is specifically designed to help your child develop fine motor skills, as well as abilities related to math and memory. To be sure, with this puzzle your child will begin to learn the basics of fractions, and will be required to remember where each puzzle goes to make the whole.

Fun with Pirates at Home This Year

Do you have a little swashbuckler in the home who can’t wait to live the life of a pirate on the high seas? Bring a smile to his or her face with one or more of these five great pirate toys for kids.


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