Teach Children Thankfulness with Questions on Thanksgiving

Teach Children Thankfulness with Questions on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is truly a wonderful holiday to spend with children. The Thanksgiving holiday allows you to enjoy delicious home-cooked dishes with your little ones while spending quality time with other family and friends who you truly love. And it is a time to show your thanks to others, as well as to ruminate on what exactly you’re thankful for in your life and your surroundings.

Of course, it may be easy for your little ones to enjoy the tasty food and the quality time spent with distant relatives; however, they may not fully understand the idea of showing or thinking about thankfulness during this national holiday. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t automatically comprehend the concept of thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season; instead, consider asking him or her these Thanksgiving questions for kids, which will help teach children thankfulness in a fun and family-friendly way.

What Do You Love the Most in the World?

Often times, one of the easiest ways to help teach children thankfulness is by having them begin to associate thankfulness with things that they love in their lives. And, to do this, you can simply begin by asking your little ones what they love most. In many cases, children may begin with the materialistic and list off their favorite toys and games that they have at home. But once you pry deeper, you will often hear the same kids talking about how they love their parents, their pets, their friends, their teachers, nature, and other important things in their lives.

Once your little ones talk about the love they have for other things or people, continue the activity by explaining that we should be thankful for the things we love. Then explain that we can show our thankfulness for these things by being kind and generous, and by giving our love back. This is a simple way to get little ones to start thinking about thankfulness this Thanksgiving.

Can You Act Out Your Thankfulness This Thanksgiving Season?

For both adults and children alike, it is relatively easy to discuss the concept of thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season. Children and their parents may talk about how they are thankful for one another and the rest of the family, as well as how they are thankful for their homes, their food, and everything else wonderful in their lives. This is certainly a great way to help children start thinking about the concept of thankfulness and how it may apply in their everyday lives.

But once you have your children thinking about thankfulness in general, it is important to continue down this path and have them understand that showing this thankfulness is just as important. To be sure, it is healthy to be thankful for various things, but one should act on this thankfulness and demonstrate it openly.

How can you teach your children the importance of showing thankfulness during this Thanksgiving with kids? Begin by acting as a role model this holiday season. If you are thankful for something, show it somehow; for example, if you are thankful for your spouse, demonstrate this to the world by doing something nice for him or her over the Thanksgiving holiday. Or, if you are thankful for the beautiful nature around you, head out to the park and clean up a specific area as a family. Doing these simple actions will help your children understand how to act on their thankfulness.

Should We Be Thankful Only Today, or Every Day?

Often, many families will discuss the importance of thankfulness during the Thanksgiving holiday, yet let it slip by during the rest of the year. And this is only natural; many of life’s responsibilities get in the way after the holiday, making it difficult to always think about and discuss thankfulness with their little ones.

But this year, sit down with your children and ask them this simple question: should we be thankful only today, or every day? Of course, in reality, we should be thankful each and every day that we are alive, and for all of the wonderful things that we have. However, many of us let this thankfulness slip by once the holidays end.

So this year, talk to your children about the importance of remaining thankful throughout the entirety of the year, and not just on Thanksgiving. By discussing this as a family, you can keep each other in check throughout all of the season and help remain thankful as the years pass by.

Questions to Ask Your Children about Thankfulness this Year

It is important to teach children Thankfulness over the Thanksgiving season. So if you plan on spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with kids, consider sitting down together as a family and asking them these questions to help turn this great holiday into an incredible learning experience.

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