Teach Kids about Different Jobs for Labor Day

Teaching kids about labor day

Ask any child what they want to be when they grow up and you will likely be presented with a handful of different answers. Some will want to be doctors, nurses, moms, dads, teachers, rock stars, athletes, EMTs, and more!

Since Monday is Labor Day, it is a great time to have some fun with your children while helping them learn about some of the possibilities available in the future. Dressing up can help kids understand the world around them and the roles that different jobs play in it. It also improves decision making skills, empathy, and physical dexterity. As you play dress up, talk about your job and some of the jobs that your friends have. What do you like about your job? What is difficult in your job?

You could even take your child to work with you for the morning or the whole day. Let your child meet some of your coworkers and learn about their jobs. Before this, talk to your child about the meaning of Labor Day, how it is to celebrate the impact that workers have made on our society and country.

Police Officer dress up set

Save the Day as an Emergency Officer

Many children are fascinated by the work of police officers and other emergency rescue personnel. This is for good reason, they are tasked with saving lives and protecting the safety of the general public.

Do you want to help your child understand the true nature of the work of a police officer? One great way to begin is by using a toy telephone to have your child dial 9-1-1 and you play the police officer. He can provide details of the emergency, and you can you’re your little one what to do to remain safe, then switch places. Try this Police Officer Dress Up Set to add to the fun. You can stop by your local police department and ask an officer to talk with your child about his or her job.

Art Easel

Play Teacher

Play teacher and student with this Orange Multi-Use Easel. The easel comes with a chalkboard that your child can play teacher with, giving math, reading, and spelling lessons. This easel also converts to a whiteboard and puppet theatre for ‘art class’ and times when the ‘teacher’ is out. Let the teacher give you homework and grade it. Try playing different types of teachers, mean teachers, friendly teachers, silly teachers. Let the students play passing notes, taking notes, getting detention, writing problems on the board, etc.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

There are few careers that are as rewarding as those in the field of medicine. Many doctors and nurses assist in the process of saving lives; others help individuals live healthy and productive lives through the use of preventative medicine.

You can help your child fall in love with this career by giving her the Little Doctor Kit today. This great doctor toy for kids features parts that move and make noise, and will help your child understand what it takes to work in the profession. Try it with the Doctor Dress up Set. Take turns playing doctor and patient. The doctor can listen to your heart beat, give injections, and check your reflexes. This is great for helping kids who are afraid of the doctor.

Kids’ Career Activities to Try This Week

Celebrate Labor Day this year by exposing your child to different career options. Consider trying these fun and simple activities to help kids learn about careers that they may one day pursue in the future.