3 Fun Valentine’s Day Cards & Crafts for Kids

Three Fun Valentine’s Day Cards & Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is certainly a wonderful time, and is the perfect time to demonstrate your love and adoration for your little ones. To be sure, it is a day specifically on which we are meant to think about those whom we truly love; of course, Valentine’s Day is often associated with romance, however, it can also be spent thinking about some of those most important to us, namely, our children.

And one of the best ways to pass the time on Valentine’s Day with your children is by having them craft cards that they can give out to their friends, their teachers, or even their family members. So don’t forget about spending some quality time together this February 14th; instead, try crafting these three fun Valentine’s Day cards for kids that your little ones are sure to love.

A Beautiful Poem Inside of the Card

Perhaps one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your children is by sitting down together and writing poems inside of a card to give to your loved ones. This provides your little ones exposure to this type of literary device, forcing them to utilize their imagination in order to create lovely prose that they can share with the world. And, of course, it allows you to spend quality time together.

If your children have not yet had the chance to read much poetry, or are just now learning how to rhyme, begin by simply providing them an age-old example that still appears on many cards today:

“Roses are red;

Violets are blue;

Sugar is sweet;

And so are you.”

This is a traditional folk poem with no definitive owner; more importantly, however, it is a beautiful and simple example of a basic rhyming scheme that your children can use to create other poems. They can follow the same pattern as this poem; or, once they become more comfortable, can become more creative and utilize a different scheme instead.

And, as mentioned before, with Valentine’s Day being a celebration of love, you may wish to encourage them to write a love-inspired poem directed at their closest friends or family members, and that they can give away at the end of the day.

Paper Airplane Cards – with a Lovely Note Inside

It is truly rare to find a child who does not enjoy creating paper airplanes with some of their school supplies. Indeed, many children are fascinated with these homemade aircraft, and make it a point to find out as many possible ways to fashion a piece of paper that can fly through the air.

So why not turn some of this creativity and passion into a lovely Valentine’s Day card to give away to friends and family members?

To begin, you will need as many sheets of paper as you want cards, as well as a few extras for planning. On the pieces of paper you plan to use as cards, have your child write personal notes to different recipients; this could include their parents or grandparents, their siblings, their friends, or even their teachers in school.

Once they have finished writing their Valentine’s Day notes, have your child fold them up into paper airplanes using methods he or she has already mastered; or, find a few airplane designs on the Internet instead. After you have folded all of the planes, put each one in a separate envelope and write the recipient’s name on the front. You can’t imagine how excited they’ll be when they open up the envelope and find this creative surprise waiting within!

Put Homemade Treats in a Valentine’s Day Card

It is not uncommon to find pieces of candy and other treats attached to Valentine’s Day cards, especially the ones that are passed out in our children’s schools. In fact, in the modern era, Valentine’s Day is partially associated with candy, and many kids may come home at the end of the day with a bag filled with red lollipops and more.

But if your child wants to bring treat-filled cards to school, take it a different direction by choosing to make your own homemade treats together, and ones that provide a healthier option. For example, you can bake your own granola and put it in bags that you can attach to Valentine’s Day cards for your child; or, you can find other homemade recipes using honey and fruit as sweeteners for more health-conscious alternatives that the kids in the classroom are still sure to love.

Try these Three Great Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids that Your Little Ones will Enjoy

Are you searching for a few fun ideas to try this Valentine’s Day with your little ones? If so, consider testing out these three great Valentine’s Day crafts for kids to help them make cards for the loved ones in their lives.


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