4 Tips to Organize the Kids’ Playroom After Holidays

tips to organize kids playroom

The holiday season is an especially exciting time to be a child. To be sure, many little ones escape the holidays with a whole host of new toys in their playroom, from educational activities and technology toys, to arts and crafts supplies, and everything else in between.

Of course, as parents, while it is a blessing to witness our children gleefully play with the toys we got them for the holidays, it can also be difficult to face the impending struggle over cleaning up the playroom in the coming months. Naturally, with such an abundance of new toys in the house, the playroom will likely get cluttered and covered without parental intervention.

So this year, don’t let the holidays fade away without implementing a strategy to keep the playroom clean. And for some help in the process, consider these simple tips to organize the kids’ playroom as soon as possible.

In with the New – and Out with the Old

Perhaps one of the best ways to help clean up the playroom after a lucrative holiday season is by taking some time to assess which toys the kids continue to use throughout the year, and which ones would likely see more use in another home. To be sure, while children may have multiple favorite toys in the playroom, if there is significant clutter then there are likely a few games and activities that haven’t seen use in awhile.

To keep things clean, bring the kids into the playroom and give them the option of keeping a set amount of toys (this could be five, 10, 20, or any other number you deem appropriate). In allowing them to decide, let the kids know that any toys outside of this selection will have to be given away. This fun and simple organization tip for kids’ playrooms will help them prioritize and select their favorite items, and help them part with others.

And, of course, you may even wish to include your children in the decision of where to send these toys. You can collectively give them away to friends, donate them to local charities, or even find ways to repurpose them and continue to use them around the house.

Make it a New Game

If you don’t think your children have too many toys in the house, but you want the playroom to remain cleaner over the coming months, consider turning the cleanup process into a game, wherein there are set objectives and rules for the kids to follow. For example, you could encourage the children to put away their toys in the fastest amount of time, or ask them to clean up their toys in the playroom in the most creative way possible, which could include doing it while walking backwards, with their eyes closed, or using any other method. While this may add some extra time throughout the day (and extend playtime by a few minutes), it will likely help ensure that your kids keep their space tidy in the future.

Get Some Organizational Toys

After the holiday system, you may not be immediately inclined to bring home more toys for your little ones to play with. However, if you notice serious clutter in the playroom, you may find that a set of organizational toys may assist you in your efforts to keep things clean. There are many organization toys available, from boxes decorated with adorable art, to colorful baskets big enough to fit everything that your child may contain in his or her playroom. If you surprise your little ones with these types of toys, they may be more inclined to use them, and, in turn, put their things away at the end of playtime.

Try a Rewards System

Finally, if you absolutely cannot find a way to get your little ones to keep their playroom clean throughout the year, you may find some benefit in instituting a system of reward each time they pick things up when they’re done. The reward does not have to be anything extremely significant; for example, you can allow your little ones an extra 10 minutes of playtime for every time they clean up without asking, or you can take them out to dinner if they do so every day for a week (or a month). Of course, some would argue that parents should not get in the habit of always rewarding their little ones for necessary chores; regardless, starting out this way may help encourage your little ones to clean up more often.

Organizational Tips for the Kids’ Playroom

Are you trying to find ways to ensure that your little ones will clean up more often after playing in their playrooms? If so, consider these simple tips to organize the kids’ playroom that are easy and fun for the whole family.

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