Top 5 Baby Registry Tips for First-Time Moms

baby registry tips

Giving birth to your first child will certainly be a wonderful experience, and leave you cradling a beautiful baby whom you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. Of course, with the excitement comes a host of responsibilities, one of which includes preparing for the arrival of your child by ensuring that you have everything that you could possibly need as a first-time mom.

Because parents want to remain prepared well before the actual birth, many choose to create a baby registry at various shops, allowing friends and family members to later on surprise them with much-needed gifts. However, many first-time parents may simply become overwhelmed when they enter the first store, and not know what to do.

Are you considering starting a registry as a first-time parent for your future baby? If so, consider these five simple baby registry tips that will help throughout the entirety of the process.

Ask Other Parents

One of the best ways to stay prepared for the arrival of your new baby is by asking other parents what they chose to place on their registry in the past. In doing so, you may have a better idea of what to select and what to avoid when you enter the store for the first time.

For example, another parent may have placed clothes on her baby registry, only to regret that choice when the baby was born. Or, the same parent may have failed to include a certain item that she truly needed, and may suggest that you don’t make the same mistake. First-hand experience from other new moms can be extremely valuable when you are creating your registry.

Don’t Focus on Clothing

In addition to the above, when registering for your baby, don’t focus too heavily on baby clothing. And this may sound crazy; after all, your newborn baby will need plenty of adorable clothing, right? While this is true, it is important to realize that regardless of whether you register for baby clothing, you are likely to receive some from friends and family. To be sure, so many adults seem to enjoy purchasing baby clothing that its absence from your registry won’t mean much. As such, focus your registry on other items with the knowledge that new clothing will still likely appear, either before or after the birth.

Look for Quality

When it comes to certain items, such as clothing accessories or shoes, quality may not be the most important factor. Of course, considering your newborn will likely outgrow his or her new clothes within weeks, slightly cheaper items can still be cute and save you some money.

However, there are a handful of items for which quality should be the main consideration; for example, a stroller or crib. Children will be using these items for years to come, and a few extra dollars spent today will help ensure a crib or stroller doesn’t break down prematurely.

Look Into the Future

As a first-time parent, it is easy to get caught solely in the excitement of the moment. After all, you are welcoming into your life a brand new baby, signaling one of the most monumental occasions throughout your entire life.

But while the excitement of the present is obvious, don’t forget that your child will continue to grow and develop over time, and his or her needs will change accordingly. To be sure, in only a year or two your baby will become a toddler, and, as such, will need an entirely separate set of toys, clothes, and safety items.

With this in mind, consider placing on your registry a few items that your child could use in the future, like sippy cups or a high-chair for a toddler.

If You Find Something You Like, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Specific

registry tips for first time moms

Finally, don’t afraid to be specific with your registry if you find something that you truly love and you want your child to have. For example, if you love the Yo Ho Horace Pirate Set, or even the Flip ‘n Spin Triangle, and you dream of your newborn baby having a blast playing with one or both of these toys, make sure to include that specifically on your registry. Many first-time parents will sometimes include more general suggestions, allowing others greater leeway with getting a gift. And while this method is fine, if you see something that you truly love, make sure to add it to the list for when your baby arrives.

Are You a First-Time Mom Starting a Registry for Your Baby? Consider These Registry Tips for First-Time Moms

While creating a baby registry as a first-time mom can be a blast, it can also be an overwhelming experience without help from others. If you are planning on creating a baby registry for your future newborn, make sure to consider these five simple baby registry tips to simplify the process for the whole family.

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