Topozoo Monsters: Hours of Fun with No Batteries Required!

Perhaps you've heard the saying that "It's the simple things in life that matter." We get it. Things can get complicated. Sometimes, you just have to step back and simplify.

Take the Topozoo Monsters for example. Simple, wholesome toys that you and your toddler will enjoy taking apart and putting together over and over.

The set comes with three bodies, three heads, three tails and six legs for a total of 15 high quality pieces, made from natural and recycled, child-safe materials. Over 400,000 combinations.No batteries needed, no electronic parts, and no fragile pieces to break.

All the parts are interchangeable giving your toddler hours of fun and imaginative play while building "monsters" between seven and 15 inches in height. This set is compatible with other Topozoo toys.

In addition to the monsters, the set comes with wings that you can cut out and attach (no glue required) to finish off a monster masterpiece!

What's In The Box?

The box itself has a lot of information on it. Besides an introduction to the toy company, there's information about the actual toy and some interesting pictures.

Inside the box, we find all the parts shrink wrapped very nicely against a piece of cardboard so they don't rattle, slide around or get damaged.

There's also a tips and tricks sheet and two paper stencils for wings as mentioned above.

Wing Stencils

Curiously, in doing this review, I wonder why they didn't just print these on the box. The paper stencils aren't going to work on their own. 

At the very least, you'll want to break down the box and cut the wings out of the box. If you're good at wood working, you might just create your own based on these stencils.

The stencils are notched, and will fit on the monsters just as the legs or other body parts do.

Product Quality

The Topozoo Monsters are built to last. It's a combination of high quality wood and really good craftsmanship.

The pieces feel really good in the hand, and they fit together without struggling at it.

This is one of those toys that could be passed down through the generations. There's few toys made these days that can withstand the test of toddlers and time, but the Topozoo Monsters are an exception.

Pick Up A Set Of Topozoo Monsters Here.

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