Toy of the Week – 6-in-1 Dyna City Play Set

If your child hasn’t yet had a chance to play with the 6-in-1 Dyna City Play Set, he or she may be missing out on one of the best toys that we have to offer here at Imagine Toys®. This incredible new kids’ toy play set is perfect for any budding engineer, and is a great option for any little one that loves to play with toy cars and toy buildings. This play set toy is fun and interactive, and promises to provide you and your little ones with endless hours of fun at home together.

So far, countless kids across the country have fallen in love with this fun new kids’ play set toy and all it has to offer. Consider grabbing one today to bring home to the child you love.

6-in-1 Toy Play Set Has So Much to Offer Children

Kids everywhere love the 6-in-1 Dyna City Play Set. Why is it becoming so popular? Most importantly, it is a comprehensive toy play set that looks similar to the layout of a regular city. Toy cars can travel down the roads off this play set and drive up to a gas station, a construction site, and even a recycling center. The little cars will find long stretches of roads, a variety of different buildings, and even some other vehicles they can safely pass.

Of course, every city needs a team of people to keep it safe, which is why this large play set also comes with a police station at one end. This fun toy even has a distribution and a restaurant, just in case anyone gets hungry while playing. This fun city has everything your child needs for endless fun.

City Play Set Inspires Interactive and Cooperative Play

One of the best things about this great new play set from Imagine Toys® is that it offers so many different options, that it truly inspires both interactive and cooperative play with other children. In fact, this toy is the perfect place to start a play date with your kids and their little friends. With their own toy cars, your children and their friends can drive about the city, making stops where necessary. They can meet each other on the roads, and pass by, or even turn around and travel in the same direction. Your kids can eat together at the restaurant, fill up the tank at the gas station, and take out the recycling at the recycling center. And if anything goes wrong, the friends can travel down the road to the police station to ask for help.

This fun interactive toy encourages children to play well with others and to cooperate in order to live peacefully within the city.

Have Fun with The New Toy of the Week

Does your child love to play with toy cars? Does he or she love to explore? If so, consider picking up the new toy of the week before the holiday season arrives this year.


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