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It seems like technology is quickly creeping into nearly every aspect of our children’s lives. Our kids may always be clamoring for a turn on the smart phone, or may rely on their new tablet for a daily dose of entertainment. And, as such, this dependence on technology often leads to children spending more time in front of a screen, and less time focused on educational materials.

At Imagine Toys®, however, we believe that technology can and should be used for a variety of educational endeavors, which is why we are offering a great new kids art toy that your children will love. The new kids toy of the week turns a regular iPad into a wonderful new children’s toy.

An Interactive Art Studio Inside of Your Child’s iPad

Do your little ones love arts and crafts projects? And have they quickly fallen in love with their new iPads. Now, with the new ArtSee Interactive Art Studio, you can combine these two loves in a simple and interactive children’s art toy. This fantastic new kids toy attaches to the outside of your iPad, and promises to provide your little ones with endless interactive fun.

What is so special about this new children’s arts and crafts toy? It caters specifically to children who love art projects; this fun toy comes with a case that secures to iPads (versions 1, 2, or 3), and allows users to download the free app to their tablets. In turn, the app provides a host of different functions that enhance the fun of the toy; the app allows users to utilize three different theme packs, 15 rollers, five different games with 60 challenging activities, 20 coloring pages, a multi-use stylus pen, and so much more. Children can even use the interactive stamps to produce music, animation, special effects, and other great projects, all with this fun new art toy for kids.

And while most interactive toys come with a regular stylus pen, this fun children’s art toy arrives with a specially designed pen that helps facilitate a variety of different art functions. The pen can be used as a crayon, marker, paint brush, or pencil, and can even be turned on its side to create a host of wonderful visual effects.

Create a Beautiful Masterpiece with a Fun New Kids’ Art Toy

With the temperatures rapidly dropping around us, and the days getting colder and shorter as we progress towards the winter, it is the perfect time to find a fun arts and crafts toy that can keep you busy while the children stay inside. Arts and crafts projects are a great way to fend off the winter chill, and can keep the kids happy and entertained while they are stuck in the house, safe and sound.

So this year, before it gets any colder, make sure to pick up this wonderful kids’ art toy. All you need is an iPad and a few creative kids, and you have everything you need to create a masterpiece together.


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