Toy of the Week – Backyard Slackline

Slackline for Children

Have your children had the opportunity to test out slacklining yet? If not, they may be missing out on one of the most fun, interactive, and exciting outdoor activities available for children and adults of all ages. This new outdoor phenomenon has been sweeping the nation, and is now a common sight in parks, campuses, and truly everywhere else where it can be made possible.

What exactly is slacklining? This new outdoor activity is simple: similar to tightrope walking, participants much walk across a rope, or slackline, strung from one tree to another, with the ultimate goal of doing so without touching the ground. The amount of slack left in the line will alter the experience of walking across, and participants with advanced abilities may even try to perform other acrobatics on the slackline.

Does this sound like an activity that your children will love? If so, then we have the perfect toy for you and your family. Head to the online Imagine Toys® store today and pick one up before the warm weather arrives.

A Slackline for Your Children

Are you unsure of where you can find a slackline that is perfect for the children that you love? Don’t worry – you can find one through the Imagine Toys® online store. Simply head to the website and order one of the new Backyard Slackline kids outside toys, and get ready to have a blast. This active outside toy is the perfect way to start off the warm months of the year with excitement.

This fun new kids outdoor play toy comes with a basic slackline that you can string up in your backyard, or even in a field near your house. The slackline stretches and bounces like a skinny trampoline, adding some excitement to the regular activity. To help your children learn how to walk across in the beginning, they can use the guideline that comes within this set; the guideline is an additional line that runs perpendicular to the slackline, and which they can hold onto as they are walking along. Get ready for some exciting outdoor play this year when you bring home this awesome toy.

Slacklining Helps Build Balance and Coordination

Beyond being an extremely fun activity, slacklining can also help your children develop a host of different abilities that will assist them in everyday life. For one, slacklining demands an incredibly keen sense of balance; as your children become more skilled at the activity, they will have better balance in general. With this, the activity of slacklining can also help develop a child’s sense of coordination, which in turn will carry over to other areas of life. A slackline is also simply an excellent way to get your children out of the house and having fun with some of their closest friends.

Test Out a Slackline Today

Do you want a fun new toy that your children can experience in the great outdoors this year? If so, grab the  backyard slackline and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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