Toy of the Week – Deluxe Kendama

Classic Japanese game of catch

At Imagine Toys®, we are always striving to provide children’s toys that encourage analytical and critical thinking, while simultaneously increasing key skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, and fine motor abilities. Furthermore, we aim to provide kids’ toys that inspire imagination and creative play, and that bring joy to the hearts of children of all ages.

And this week, we are offering one such toy for kids ages three and up that allows your kids to experience a simple game started in a culture across the world. Don’t forget to head to the online store this week to bring home this wonderful toy that your kids will love.

Work on Physical Development with the Deluxe Kendama

This week, at Imagine Toys® we are featuring the Deluxe Kendama, an interesting and awe-inspiring toy that kids across the world use. This wooden ball-and-stick toy is a Japanese version of the game of catch, and has quickly become a favorite of kids in the United States.

The premise of this fun wooden Japanese catch game may seem simple: the ball is attached to the wooden device by a piece of string, and kids must swing the device and catch the ball in one of four different ways. But while in theory this task may seem easy, in reality it is deceptively hard; in fact, catching the ball in the four possible ways demands developed fine motor skills, as well as a strong sense of balance and coordination. Your children can practice this game for hours to become a master of the Japanese game of catch.

Fun Japanese-Inspired Wooden Toy Improve Important Skills

Along with providing your little ones with endless hours of fun, this great Japanese-inspired wooden catch toy will help them develop the aforementioned skills each time they take a turn. While it may be difficult for your child to grasp the wooden handle of this toy the first time they take a turn, slowly they will build the muscles necessary to manipulate its motion. And again, while it may seem impossible for your son or daughter to swing the ball around and have it land on one of the four possible spots on the toy, after multiple sessions practicing their skills with this fun balance toy they will surely find success. This great wooden catch toy rewards hard work and persistence and is the perfect option for kids who love a challenge.

Toys Created by KaBOOM! Are Great for Kids Across the Country

Perhaps the best aspect about this individual wooden catch toy is its origin: it was created by KaBOOM!, a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with Imagine Toys® to bring balanced and active play into the lives of kids across the entire United States, especially those who are living in poverty.

This specific toy is part of the Go Out and Play Collection, a set of toys intended to help children get outside and enjoy active play with their friends. And a specific portion of all purchases from the Go Out and Play Collection will go straight to KaBOOM! to help further its mission; specifically, the non-profit organization will receive 8 percent of all proceeds in order to help children across the country get outside, have a blast, and simply enjoy being kids.

The Importance of Active Play

As a final note, it is always important to consider toys for your children that will encourage them to be active and use their own abilities. But why is this so important? In our contemporary society, far too often are children forced to engage in passive activities that require no thought or imagination. To be sure, watching TV or playing on a tablet or smartphone may all have educational components, but they rarely require kids to use their physical abilities, or engage in analytical or critical thinking during the process.

In contrast, however, active play requires children to utilize a variety of their different facilities, from motor skills, to hand-eye coordination, to even imagination and creativity. This, in turn, will help kids grow up to become productive individuals who are able to fully utilize each and every skill they have developed.

So this week, don’t forget to head to the Imagine Toys® online store and bring home an active toy for the kids in your house. The Deluxe Kendama is a perfect way to get your kids up and moving around and is a fun activity for the entire family.

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