Toy of the Week - Ella Color Change Surprise

What little girl doesn’t love to play with horses? It seems as though girls of all ages are fascinated by these incredible creatures, and develop a fondness for horses upon first glimpse. As such, it is the dream of many little girls to have a horse of their own that they can play with at any time of the day.

This season, with the help of Imagine Toys®, you can make your daughter’s dream come to life with a wonderful new horse toy. The new toy of the week may not be a living, breathing animal, but it may just be the perfect gift to give your little girl this holiday season.

Beautiful Ella is the Perfect Gift for Little Girls

Brighten up your daughter’s holiday season this year by surprising her on Christmas morning with the new Ella Color Change Surprise toy horse from Imagine Toys®. This beautiful toy horse will bring a smile immediately to your daughter’s face on this wonderful holiday.

What is so great about Ella, the beautiful horse toy for your child this holiday season? She is more than just an average horse; her mane and her skin come in a beautiful purple and white hue, setting her apart from other animals in your home. She also comes with a brush for your daughter to groom her when she gets dirty, and a blanket for rides throughout the countryside.

But Ella’s best kept trick only comes out when she gets wet; as the water touches her mane and her skin, she will quickly change colors right before your eyes. Your daughter can watch as her own kids toy horse morphs from purple to pink in a flash.

Why Do Girls Love Horses So Much?

Of course, upon seeing Ella for the first time, your daughter will absolutely fall in love. There seems to be an undecipherable bond between girls and horses that emerges at a very young age.

But why exactly do girls love horses so much? Many theories have been asserted, all with a variety of different opinions that carry merit all on their own. Some believe that girls see horses as gateway animals to other worlds; riding on horses can take them to mythical places. Others declare that horses are strong, independent animals, and girls can take pride in taming them and taking care of them on their own.

Clearly, each separate answer to this question has weight, and all of them can be used to formulate a final hypothesis. In general, we strongly believe that a love for horses at a young age is healthy; it represents a nurturing side, a sense of passion, and a desire to get lost in the world of pretend play, imagination, and creativity.

Brighten Your Daughter’s Holiday Season with a New Pretend Play Kids Toy

Does your daughter love playing with toy horses? If so, bring a smile to her face this holiday season by bringing home a horse that she can call her own.


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