Toy of the Week – Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Is your daughter fashion obsessed, and always looking for a new outfit to try on from her wardrobe? Does she even enjoy making alterations to her own clothing, adding some personal style to the apparel in her closet? If so, then it is time to head to the Imagine Toys® online store this week, where we are offering a new deluxe fashion creation kit for children. Let your daughter’s imagination run wild as she styles and designs a whole new set of clothes and accessories with this great new design kit for kids.

Does Your Daughter Love Fashion? Bring Home a New Deluxe Design Kit

Fashion PlatesFashion Plates Deluxe Kit designing set from Imagine Toys®. Any little girl can become a professional fashionista with this fun design toy for girls ages six and up.

What can you expect from the new Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit from Imagine Toys®? Bring home the toy and open up the box and you will find a Fashion Plates Drawing Table, 20 sheets of design paper, 15 double-sided rubbing plates, 8 colored pencils, a fashion folio filled with different ideas, and a carrying case so your daughter can bring her new design toy wherever she pleases. There are 30 pieces altogether in this fun fashion set.

And if you think this fashion toy may look familiar, it is because this week’s toy of the week is a revamped version of a fashion kit that girls used to play with over decades ago. To keep with the times, however, this updated fashion kit contains suggestion guides filled with modern fashion that your daughter will love.

Fashion Designing Helps Girls Express Their Creativity

Engaging in creative play is extremely important for girls of all ages. Expressing creativity in a variety of different mediums allows girls to give their inner emotions a physical manifestation, and lets them express the imaginative spirit that so many girls hold within.

And there is no better way this week to let your daughter explore her imaginative and creative side than with the new Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit fashion design set from Imagine Toys®. Let your little girl’s imagination run wild with this fun new fashion set for girls.

Of course, to begin, your daughter does have the option of utilizing the fashion folio and idea guide, which contain a host of different fashion suggestions that your daughter can follow when beginning to design. Beyond that, however, your daughter has free reign over what she decides to create; she can follow the suggestions to a T, or she can branch of and use her imagination to create fashion designs strictly using her own mind.

Try a New Girls’ Fashion Toy This Week

Are you looking for a new fashion design toy that lets your little girl create her own set of clothes? Head to the Imagine Toys® online store today to pick up this toy and turn your daughter into a designer overnight.


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