Toy of the Week - GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Does your little girl love to watch movies with her favorite characters? Has she always dreamed of making a movie of her own, with a strong female lead character who goes on adventures and saves the day?

If this sounds like your daughter, then you are in luck – at Imagine Toys®, we have created a great new building block movie making kit for kids over the age of six. Pick up your own today and get ready for an afternoon at the cinema!

New Toy Blocks Moving Kit Turns Your Little Girl into a Big-Screen Director

Put your daughter in the director and producer’s seat of her very own movie with the new GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine building blocks movie making kit for kids. This fun building blocks movie kit teaches your daughter all about how to make a basic movie, and lets her witness GoldieBlox and her gang save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being cancelled at the last minute.

What makes this new kids toy so much fun? For one, it lets your daughter create her very own zoetrope in order to create a moving picture.

But what’s a zoetrope? A zoetrope was one of the first devices created to make movies. A zoetrope is a circular hoop made of plastic that spins on an axis. Within the plastic hoop are slats spaced out evenly and periodically. Furthermore, on the inside of the plastic hoop are a series of pictures that are similar, but not identical; for example, over the series of pictures, it may show an individual throwing a ball. Then, as the plastic hoop spins on the axis, a viewer can look from the side through the slats and see the picture come to life!

New Movie Making Kit Comes Ready to Go

With this movie making kit from Imagine Toys®, your kids will be ready to go once they open the box. This comes with four premade animations, all of which are ready to be inserted into the zoetrope right from the beginning. This great new kids moving making toy also comes with instructions for how to create endless different types of animation, as well as a storybook, a GoldieBlox figurine that goes along with the moving pictures inside of the zoetrope, as well as movie cards and fun stickers that your little girl can put wherever she wants.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Are you looking for a great toy that your little girl will love this holiday season? And are you looking for something that will teach your little girl about a new kind of engineering, and help her develop spatial awareness skills and challenge her creativity? If so, then you should make sure to pick up one of these great new zoetrope kits before they fly off the shelves. This new movie making kit for kids is the perfect new holiday toy for the little one in your life that wants to create a moving picture with their own two hands.

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