Toy of the Week – Heavy Duty Dump Truck Ride On

Does your little one already have a fun ride toy to move around the house? If not, then he may be missing out on a great experience for kids. Ride on toys help with your child’s balance, and provide a simple yet effective way to introduce a little one to the world of bicycles and other moving vehicles.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t already have a ride on toy of his own; just pick up this week’s toy of the week and bring it home as a surprise!

A Heavy Duty Ride On Toy for a Child Looking to Work Hard

If your child is ready to move around the house carrying big loads from here to there, then make sure he is equipped with the new Heavy Duty Dump Truck Ride On toy from Imagine Toys® as soon as possible. This fun new ride on toy is great for any little boy that loves to be active.

Why exactly is this toy so great for active kids? For one, this ride on toy requires your child to hop on and drive it wherever he wants to go. This simple quality puts your little one at the helm of his own vehicle, letting him move it about as he sees fit.

Additionally, the large bed of the truck lets your little boy move large loads to and fro about the house. He can travel to one corner of the home, load up with a large supply of toys, and carry them around until he finds the perfect spot to dump them.

Finally, this toy is truly interactive and comes with different features that your child will love. The bed raises and lowers with a simple pull, and the toy can be pushed or pulled around the house if your child doesn’t want to ride on the top. Your child will become a hard worker with this great new toy dump truck from Imagine Toys®.

What’s So Great About Ride On Toys?

This is often a question asked by many parents of new toddlers: what’s so great about ride on toys? What are the benefits, and does my child really need one?

Of course, no child absolutely needs a ride on toy. That being said, these types of toys provide incredible benefits for toddlers.

For one, ride on toys help rapidly improve a child’s balance. By placing him on a ride on toy at a young age, he will be more adept at learning how to ride a bicycle, stay up on a pair of skis, or even move about on ice skates than ever before.

Beyond this, ride on toys are wonderful because they put the child directly in control of his motion and direction. While this may seem small, it is a sense of responsibility that your child may have never before experienced.

Ride Along with a Great Toy Truck

The holiday season is nearing, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for the child you love. And here at Imagine Toys®, we are offering a magnificent new ride on toy that will allow your little one to get to work!


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