Toy of the Week – Jungle Doctor & Animals Set

Collection of Jungle Animal ToysThis week, we are proud to offer kids across the country a wonderful new toy that will help instill an urge to learn more about the animal kingdom. This fun new kids animal toy brings a collection of jungle animal toys into the living room, and lets your little one go on a safari in the comfort of your own home. And best of all, this week’s toy of the week also includes a miniature jungle doctor who is ready to explore the beauty of nature.

If your little one loves animals and dreams of the chance to get lost in the jungle, try out the new toy of the week for an adventure for the whole family.

Collection of Jungle Animal Toys Helps You Get Lost in the Wilderness

Adventurous kids across the country will love the new JungleDoctor & Animals Set from Imagine Toys®, the fun new toy of the week that lets you go on your own at-home safari with your kids. You and your little ones can learn about animals from all over the world with this fun new jungle set for kids.

What will you find when you open up this fun collection of jungle animal toys from Imagine Toys®? Within you will see a white tiger and cub, a black rhinoceros and calf, a gnu, a hippopotamus, a hyena, and a gorilla, all living peacefully together in harmony. Additionally, this fun jungle toy also comes with a jungle doctor who is traveling through the wilderness, examining these beasts in the animal kingdom. Kids will have a blast learning about nature and playing with their new set of toys.

Where is the perfect place to play with the Jungle Doctor & Animals Set?

Of course, this new collection of animal toys is a perfect addition to playtime at home, especially when your kids are stuck inside. Throughout the course of an hour in your living room, you can go on a safari and learn about the animal kingdom together.

These fun animal collectibles are also a perfect toy for you to bring along on any errands you need to run, as they can be easily stored in a bag or purse. Toss them in your bag, head out the door, and be prepared to let your child have a blast while on the go.

A Toy That Helps Your Child Use His or Her Imagination

This toy is comprised of a set of fun animal collectibles that your little one can play with at home or on the go, or that will look great as decorations on the shelf in your child’s playroom. Beyond this, however, there are a variety of added benefits that you can take advantage of when you bring this toy home for your kids.

Most importantly, this great new kids’ animal adventure toy requires that your little one use his or her imagination during playtime, something that kids often don’t need to do when engaging in a variety of other passive forms of entertainment. For example, when watching television or when playing a game on a smartphone or tablet, everything is placed in front of your child’s eyes, with no imagination necessary.

With a toy like this, however, your little one must actively engage his or her imagination in order to utilize it to its full potential. Of course, your child will have a set of animal toys to play with, but it is up to him or her to create a whole new imaginary world in his or her mind in which the animals can roam and have fun.

Learn About the Animal Kingdom with a Collection of Wild Beasts

Finally, this toy also provides one other added benefit: it helps instill in your little one a desire to learn about the animal kingdom. Inside of the package you will find a host of exotic animals, from a rhinoceros, to a white tiger, and even a gnu. Your child may use this toy to learn the basics of each animal, but it is up to your little one to learn the rest. Don’t be surprised if he or she asks you to do some additional research on each new animal to learn about where they live, how they sound, and even when and what they eat.

Get Lost in the Wilderness with a New Toy for Kids

This week is the perfect time for you to bring home a new kids’ toy to help your kids learn about the animal kingdom. Check out this toy at the online store today and get ready for an adventure!

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