Toy of the Week - Playful Performer Giant Piano Mat

Are you ready to watch your child dance, sing, and smile into the new year? Do you want to give your child the perfect give to help them learn the basics of music and rhythm, all while getting some great physical activity to keep them healthy?

If so, then you are sure to love the new toy of the week from Imagine Toys®. This special new indoor activity kids toy is the perfect way to learn about music while having a blast with your little ones.

Dance Around on the Piano Mat and Learn the Basics of Music

What better way to learn about music than by dancing around on a giant piano mat? At Imagine Toys®, we are now offering the Playful Performer Giant Piano Mat, a wonderful new music toy that your child will love.

If this new indoor activity kids toy looks familiar, this may be because you have seen it on the TV show Fox & Friends; this fun new toy is a replica of the one used onscreen. And your kids are certain to love this new toy, especially with all of the great functions it offers.

Most importantly, your children can begin by playing a scale using the 24 different keys across this six-foot-long piano mat. Then, once they get the hang of it, they can create different sounds using one of the eight different instrument keys; with this toy, kids can also make the sound of a vibraphone, oboe, trumpet, saxophone, banjo, guitar, violin, and, of course, a piano. Your children can play a tune they like, record it with the toy’s built in recording function, and play it back over the speakers for everyone in the house to hear.

And if you just want to listen to a bit of music together, you can turn on one of the 10 different pre-recorded melodies and dance to the beat together.

Learn About Music and Dance Away

This toy is an incredibly useful tool for helping your children to learn about the basics of music. By dancing across the mat, your kids will hear different notes corresponding to different keys, and will begin to understand the process of making music. After awhile, they may even be able to make rhythms and melodies of their own, using nothing but their two feet.

Beyond helping your kids learn about music, however, this new indoor play kids toy can also encourage physical activity in your home. By dancing around on the mat and making different sounds and melodies, your child will be moving fast and working hard, which will help lead to a healthy lifestyle for your little one.

Get Ready to Dance and Make Some Music

Children of all ages love to let loose and dance when the music comes on over the speaker. And this year, you can put your own child in charge of the music – just pick up this new indoor play toy, lay it on the floor, and get ready to boogie!


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