Toy of the Week - Rockboard Descender

Some kids just can’t get enough speed and extreme action. They hop on a snowboard, skateboard, or other similar vehicle and cruise down a hill or mountain as fast as physically possible. And where we would be screaming and holding on for our dear lives, these fearless children are smiling and laughing throughout the entire descent, always ready to move a bit faster, and always searching for a steeper hill.

At Imagine Toys®, we know that there are plenty of children out there who love extreme sports, and who are always looking for a new challenge. And it is for these wild kids that we have created the new toy of the week, a fun new twist on a regular skateboard that lets your little ones ride on a whole new type of terrain.

Forget the Snow – Let’s Ride Down Anything We Want!

If the snow is falling outside, kids can grab a snowboard and get ready to race down a mountain. And if there is a nice paved hill outside the front of the house, the little ones can pick up a skateboard and ride towards the bottom.

But what about when the sun is shining outside, but the only terrain in sight is covered in grass, gravel, or other similar surfaces? Should the kids settle for sitting inside all day, forgetting about their need for speed and exhilaration?

Absolutely not – instead, they should grab their new Rockboard Descender and get ready for a whole new take on traditional extreme sports. This modified skateboard lets children forget about snow and pavement, and careen down virtually any type of surface that comes in their path.

What makes this great new modified kids’ skateboard so much different than any other type vehicle available today? Instead of having wheels beneath the corners of the boards, this new kids’ skateboard has treads, allowing the board to easily and quickly travel down a hill covered in gravel, grass, or nearly anything else. Kids can travel from surface to surface with ease, and don’t need to worry about the treads being slowed down by the type of substance beneath the board.

But what happens if your child happens to stumble upon a great paved hill, or wants to ride down a snowy mound in a field nearby? Should they store the Rockboard Descender for a different day?

No way – here, your child should pick up this new kids’ toy for some wild fun. The Rockboard Descender is specially designed to handle almost any surface that you will encounter on the road. There is no need for a skateboard or a snowboard on a paved road or a snowy hill – instead, the Rockboard Defender kids’ toy can handle it all.

Get Ready to Ride with a New Extreme Kids’ Toy

Does your child feel the need for speed? Extreme kids will love the new Rockboard Descender from Imagine Toys®. If your child wants to try a new take on extreme sports, pick up a new kids’ Rockboard and get ready for a downhill adventure.


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