Toy of the Week – Rush & Rescue Ambulance

Miniature Ambulance Toy

This week we are highlighting a toy that will turn your little one into a lifesaver in just moments. The Rush & Rescue Ambulance, a fun miniature ambulance from Imagine Toys®, lets your child race around the house, searching for emergencies and lives to save. This wonderful miniature ambulance from Imagine Toys® is the perfect kids toy for any little one who dreams of growing up to be a doctor, EMT, or any other type of medical professional. Bring home this emergency vehicle today for some fast-paced fun!

Rush & Rescue Ambulance – A Great Ambulance Toy for Kids

Does your child dream of one day growing up to be a doctor, working and saving lives in a hospital setting? Or would your little one rather be an emergency medical technician, riding around in an ambulance from scene to scene, helping save the lives of those in need?

Either way, there is no better time than today to bring home this fun miniature ambulance toy for your little ones. They will love racing it around the home, looking for a way to help out anyone in their way.

What does this great ambulance toy have to offer? To begin, it is a miniature replica of the ambulances that your child sees drive by on the street. In fact, when you bring this home he will be in possession of his very own emergency medical vehicle. But this toy includes far more than just visual appeal; to be sure the Rush & Rescue Ambulance from Imagine Toys® also plays music, and has rescue sounds and vocal phrases that go along in motion.

And best of all, this fun ambulance toy allows for forwards and reverse motion, giving your child all of the tools he or she needs to race to an emergency situation and save lives. All you need is a few AA batteries, and you are set to race around town with your new ambulance toy.

Ambulance Toy Helps Fuel Your Child’s Passions

Beyond being simply a fun toy that will keep your child entertained for a few hours during playtime, the Rush & Rescue Ambulance from Imagine Toys® can, in reality, help fuel your little one’s passions to become a doctor or other type of medical professional. Even kids as young as three, those for which this toy is designed, may one day imagine themselves saving lives in an emergency setting; and this toy can help them achieve their goals by starting at a very young age.

For one, this toy will allow your child to command his or her very own ambulance, letting it race down the hallways of your house as fast as he or she wants. Furthermore, once your child lands at a prospective emergency location, your child can engage in pretend play, imagining that he or she is the one responsible for taking care of the victims on scene. Each time your child plays with this toy, he or she will develop a stronger passion for idea of becoming an emergency medical provider; in turn, this simple toy may help set your child’s eyes on a future goal.

Further Benefits of Playing with an Ambulance Toy

Finally, in addition to providing hours of entertainment for your little one, as well as helping fuel your child’s eventual passions of working in the medical field, this fun ambulance toy can also help with his or her development in numerous ways. For one, this awesome ambulance toy will allow your child to engage in a type of sensory play, as the vehicle presents bright flashing lights, and has a variety of different textures that your child can grasp with his developing fingers. This will strengthen your child’s sensory perceptions each time he or she plays with the fun emergency vehicle toy. In addition to developing sensory abilities, this cool ambulance from Imagine Toys® will also aid in your child’s basic understanding of motion; the ambulance can move backwards and forwards on its own. Your child can view the emergency vehicle rolling over smooth surfaces and struggling on others, such as carpet, grass, or dirt, and begin to comprehend the specifics of this issue.

Of course, along with helping your child develop a better grasp of motion, as well as increasing his or her own sensory perception abilities, this fun ambulance toy will also help improve language and sound-processing skills each time the vocal phrases and rescue sounds pay over the vehicle’s loudspeaker.

Bring Home an Ambulance Toy and Let Your Child Save the Day

Ultimately, this ambulance toy may be the perfect addition to your child’s life this week. It can help develop a variety of different skills in your child, it will fuel your child’s passion for emergency services, and it will inevitably provide entertainment at home. Head to the online store to grab your own ambulance today and bring it home for hours of fun. 

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