Toy of the Week – Spirograph Design Set

This week, take a trip back in time with a new arts and crafts set for kids that will have your little ones drawing, doodling, and having a blast together as a family. At Imagine Toys®, we have reimagined a toy that many of us enjoyed when we were younger, and are now offering for children of a whole new generation. So if your children love to play with kids’ arts and crafts sets , and you are looking for a great new craft toy that you can bring home to the little ones you love, consider picking up the newest toy of the week from Imagine Toys® and get ready to have some fun!

Toy From the Past Perfect for Kids Today

Spirograph Design Set

Do you remember playing with the Spirograph toy set when you were a child? The Spirograph toy was a fun arts and crafts set for kids that came with a variety of fun designs and supplies. Inside of the metal tin you could find spiral designs, an eraser, a few pens, and a guide on how to make beautiful designs in a host of different colors. And best of all, this fun toy also come in a metal tin that you could carry around wherever you needed to go.

Of course, the original Spirograph was introduced to the world in 1965, and while it became a quick hit with kids everywhere, it slowly faded out as newer toys hit the market. At Imagine Toys®, however, we truly believed in the wonders the Spirograph kids drawing set had to offer; because of this, we have reimagined this old kids’ favorite into the new SpirographDesign Set, available today through the online store for kids ages eight and up. The Spirograph Design Set is identical to the old toy we used to enjoy when we were kids, and may be the perfect addition to the life of your little ones.

What makes this kids drawing set so timeless and great? Most importantly, it teaches your children how to draw with stencil designs, which ultimately forms the basics of tracing in general. Tracing is a skill that can then be used in trigonometry, geometry, various forms of science, and a variety of other disciplines your children will encounter in school. Furthermore, this fun kids drawing set also allows your little ones to explore their imaginations and draw stencils however their hearts desire.

And best of all, because you once enjoyed this fun kids arts and craft set as a child, you can bond with your little ones over a timeless toy that provides fun and excitement for generations. This kids arts and crafts design set is the perfect toy to enjoy together this year.

Are You Looking for a New Kids Arts and Crafts Set?

Would you love to bring home a new kids art set that your little ones will love? Head to the Imagine Toys® online store this week and bring home a timeless kids toy for you and the family.


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