Toy of the Week – Talking Traffic Light

Imagine coming to a stop light with your kids; right when you walk up to it, the light turns yellow, and finally switches to red. From years of experience around traffic signs, you know exactly what to do: stop and wait until it turns green. But does your little one know what to do? Have you taught them yet the importance of traffic safety when outside of the house?

Of course, you should never let your kids walk around without constant parental or adult supervision, and thus it is extremely unlikely that they would ever come upon a traffic light without someone to show them what to do. But, it is truly never too early to teach your little ones the importance of traffic and road safety. And now, you can use the new toy of the week from imagine toys® to teach traffic safety in a fun and interactive way.

Talking Traffic Light – a Fun Way to Learn About Traffic Safety

As adults, we all take for granted our knowledge of traffic laws. Sure, it is fairly common knowledge that green means “go” and red means “stop,” and this helps us stay safe when we travel about town.

Your children, however, may have yet to learn these basic rules, which is why this week is the perfect time to bring home the new Talking Traffic Light from imagine toys® for your little ones. This great new kids’ toy traffic light is the best new way to teach your little one all about the rules of the road.

This kids’ toy traffic light looks just like a regular traffic light that you would see out on the road in your car. It is motion activated, and it has a red, yellow, and green light that will illuminate when it is time to stop and go. Best of all, though, is that this toy also talks to your child; when the light turns red, this children’s toy will tell your little one to stop right away. Conversely, when the light turns green, the kids’ toy will tell your child that it is safe to start walking. By viewing the traffic light and listening to the commands together, your child will begin to understand when it is appropriate to start walking, and when to stop before crossing the street.

The Importance of Traffic Safety

Once your children begin playing with this toy, you can test this information out on the streets when you go walking or driving together. For example, when you pull up to a traffic light, either on foot or in your car, have your children take a look at which light is illuminated and decide what to do. After playing with the new Talking Traffic Light Toy, your child will be able to tell you when it is safe to go, and when you should stop moving across the street.

Ultimately, learning about traffic safety at a young age can help keep your little ones out of harm’s way. So start learning about this together with a great new kids’ activity from imagine toys®.


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