Toys That Are Good for Your Children and for the Environment

Toys that are good for the environment

In the modern world, it is virtually impossible to read the news or to turn on the television without hearing mention of the perils currently facing the environment. Indeed, individuals and organizations worldwide are taking great efforts to increase public awareness about this issue, and to encourage everyone to do their part to help preserve the natural world we all share.

This week, we are encouraging parents to bring home toys that are great for both children and for the environment. So make sure to consider the benefits of bringing home environmentally friendly toys, and surprise your children with these great options as soon as possible to enhance their environmental education.

The Benefits of Toys That are good for the Environment

You may wonder why it matters what the toys are made from, as long as they provide their intended benefits. In reality, giving your children toys that are made out of sustainable materials, or created in an environmentally friendly way, can provide for an incredible learning experience, and encourage your little ones to remain more conscious about their world as they grow and develop over the years.

Consider, for example, a toy that is made out of a renewable resource or material that has been recycled; these toys can provide two-pronged benefits. First, they will offer the benefit of the toy itself, such as development of skills or educational improvement. In addition to this, however, you can offer a lesson in sustainability by explaining to your child the source of the toy, and why this is so important. She may then begin to think in a more environmentally conscious manner, which can have extremely positive benefits in many other aspects of life. Other benefits may impact your child’s health as many green toys don’t include toxins that may be present in non-green materials.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly toy to bring home to your little ones? If so, consider these great options that are fun, sustainable, and perfect for kids.

Tegu Blocks

Building Blocks – Straight from the Jungle

Building blocks are found in playrooms nationwide – and for good reason! These great toys can help children learn the basics of construction, balance, and significantly develop their fine motor skills.

You can offer your little ones an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional block set with the Tegu Explorer Set Jungle. This great set of wooden magnetic blocks are created from Honduran hardwoods harvested by local cooperatives certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and are a great option for little ones over the age of three.

Since Tegu blocks are made with magnets, they can easily be built into a multitude of shapes like robots, cars, houses, and more. Your child will only be limited by her own imagination. The blocks don’t just come in traditional square shapes, the Tegu Jungle Explorer Set comes with 40 blocks in seven different shapes. The magnets are embedded in the wood for your child’s safety.

Bamboo Keys

Your Baby’s Very First Set of Keys

My First (Bamboo) Keys are large keys made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource. Large enough to be safe for your baby, these keys are great for teething and are non-toxic. Each key has a sweet message on it; Key to my ride (stroller), Key to my new crib, and key to my mom’s heart.

My first Shape Sorter

Learn About the Shapes

Do you want to teach your child about different shapes and spatial awareness? If so, give him the My First Shape Sorter toy. This awesome toy is perfect for little ones ages six months and older, and is the perfect way to help teach your child about shapes and colors. Best of all, this fun shapes and colors toy is made entirely of food-safe recycled plastic milk jugs; your little ones can learn all about shapes and colors while playing with an eco-friendly toy that will last for years. The sorter includes 8 shapes that can be deposited on the top or bottom of the toy. It twists open to release the toys, giving your baby hours of fun.

The Importance of Toys That Are Good for the Environment

If you want to help the environment and choose non-toxic toys for your kids, try some of these great eco-friendly toys.

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