Toys that will give you the Coolest Backyard Ever

Seated Zipline

We all remember that one kid in the neighborhood who had the best backyard. Everybody wanted to play at his house and did whenever they got the chance. Weather it was the best tree fort this side of the Mississippi or a huge trampoline, we all wanted to be there. If you want your kid to be the lucky one with the great backyard, check out these toys that will get your backyard to that coveted status as the best.


The Eagle Series Zipline with Seat is the toy every kid wants. It is a seated Zipline that can be set up in any backyard with trees to attach it to. Your kids will spend hours in the back yard zipping from one end to the other. It can even be attached to a tree fort as a quick getaway. It is for ages 7 and up, so if you are reading this right now wanting to buy it just for you, go ahead. Adults can ride it too.

When you take your kids to ride a zipline it can cost a fortune for just one ride. Imagine your child's joy of endless rides with her friends, flying like a bird through the air. This will definitely boost your backyard's cred with the kids in your neighborhood.


Backyard Slackline

A slackline is like a bouncy tightrope. There is a bottom, flat line for walking across and a higher line that you can hold on to for balance. The Backyard Slackline is about three feet off the ground and can hold up to 800 pounds, so once again, you can play too.

Slacklines are great for improving balance and core strength. As your child's balance improves, he can release the top teaching line and walk the line without assistance. The slackline can be transported easily and is fun for all ages.

House of Fun

House of Fun

The House of Fun is perfect for younger kids. This brightly colored house has working front and back doors and hinged ‘windows’ that open and close. It is large enough for several children to play in the house. Whether playing house, having battles, or having tea parties, this house is a perfect setting. Sure to ignite any child’s imagination. The Foldable Picnic Table would go along well with the House of Fun. This table folds for easy storage and transportation. Take to the park or on a road trip to have picnics without all the dirt.

Balance Blox

Balance Blox

The Balance Blox is another great toy for younger kids, ages 3 and up. Balance Blox is a slackline system that is only 5 inches off the ground and doesn’t need anchoring. It is also a flexible, wide line that has adjustable tension. This toy can be used indoors or outdoors on a grassy lawn for soft landings. It helps encourage activity in children and will be a summer favorite.

Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder

If you have a tree fort or house in your backyard, definitely try this great Rope Ladder to give it that feeling of childhood adventure that a regular ladder never could. This ladder has hardwood rungs and nylon rope for a safe, sturdy ladder. It is six feet long, the perfect length for platforms, forts, play houses, and tree houses.

Have the Best Backyard

If you want your kid to have the backyard that’s the talk of the neighborhood, then try some of these toys to boost your backyard profile.


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