Unique Books for Fascinated Young Readers

Learning how to read is one of the most important steps in the life of a child. The act of reading opens up a child’s mind to a whole new world of communication and thought; kids can open up children’s books and dive into something new at any time they want. And using the ability to read, children can learn about the rest of the world, discover the basics of properties of nature, and simply broaden their horizons and become more knowledgeable about their surroundings.

Of course, while parents should encourage their children to read whenever possible, it is also important to supply the little ones with educational books, as well as ones that will keep their attention and allow them to remain stimulated.

Are you looking for a few unique books for kids to bring home to your little readers this year? Consider these options from Imagine Toys® today and get ready to turn the pages.

Unique Books for Fascinated Young Readers

Fairy Boat with Elves & Book

The land of Bayala is one filled with magic, mythical creatures, and elves inhabiting the world. Bayala is a world of mystery and excitement, and a place that your child can get lost in his or her imagination.

And what’s the best way to learn about the incredible creatures that reside inside of the beautiful world of Bayala? Simple – by surprising your little ones with the Fairy Boat with Elves & Book set today from Imagine Toys®. This delightful children’s book set is virtually everything you need to get your kids excited about the idea of reading during playtime. Inside of this unique children’s toy you will find a kids’ book that describes the wonderful world of Bayala, and one that your children can use to practice their reading abilities. And best of all, this unique children’s book comes with a sailboat and three elf princesses to help lead your child through the story.

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Super Hero Cape, Book & CD Set

Does your little one dream of growing up to be a superhero who saves the world from the forces of evil? If so, then now is the perfect time to bring home the Super Hero Cape, Book & CD Set from Imagine Toys®. This adorable and unique children’s book set is everything your little one needs to start becoming a hero.

Inside of this set you will find a book that introduces the Super Zero Crew, a collection of kids who have super powers and super problems. And best of all, it also comes with a CD set for kids to follow along, as well as a kids-sized superhero cape. Get ready to fly into a world of fun with this delightful kids’ book!

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Wedgits Block & Workbook

Not every book has to be a story about superheroes or mythical lands of magic and mystery. To be sure, children can also benefit from books about math and science, and those that challenge their critical thinking capabilities.

And the Wedgits Block & Workbook set from Imagine Toys® is exactly the toy for this purpose. This sweet kids set comes with 20 Wedgits, a modern type of construction blocks that allow for crazy creations. And this fun toy also comes with a wipe-off kids’ activity book that provides for an interactive afternoon of educational fun.

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Go Out and Play! Book

At Imagine Toys®, we want all children throughout the nation to have the ability to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Children are healthiest when they have the chance to head outdoors and play, a luxury that we hope one day all little ones will have.

And now, with the Go Out and Play! Book, kids across the country have an entire list of exciting outdoor activities at their disposal. This unique book for kids is filled with over 70 different games and activities that your little ones can try the next time they head outside.

Ultimately, there is no better cure for boredom, and no better fuel for fun, than this awesome and unique book for kids from Imagine Toys®.

Kids Fashion Designer Sketch Book

Fashion Designer Sketchbook Kit

Many parents think that for a book to have worth, it must be filled with words on the pages that tell an educational story. But at Imagine Toys®, we’re disproving that myth with the Fashion Designer Sketchbook Kit, a unique book for kids that aspire to be designers. This sweet kids’ designer kit comes with three different sketchbooks to help your little one designer her very own fashion line and create a new style of makeup. Bring out the artistic imagination in your little girl today with this awesome design set for kids.

The Importance of Books

There are few activities more important in a child’s life than reading and exploring books. And if you want to encourage young readers with books in your home, surprise them with these unique children’s books.


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