What Are Smart Toys and How They Help Development

As the variety of available technology increases, so too does the capability of the toys that our children use each and every day. While children once relied on wooden blocks and arts and crafts supplies to entertain themselves and learn about the world, now kids have the ability to use computer-powered, highly technological and comprehensive toys that provide a host of learning opportunities.

This, ultimately, is the idea behind smart toys, those that utilize different technologies, most often computer systems, to provide children with a set of specialized learning opportunities. Undoubtedly, smart toys can help your child learn and play with technology of the future.

What Are Smart Toys?

The term ‘smart toy’ doesn’t refer to the toy’s level of intelligence; instead, it refers to the technology within the toy, as well as the toy’s actual ability to learn and interact with the world around it.

Smart Toy - App-Powered Smart CarTake, for example, the App-PoweredSmart Car, a new smart toy car available from Imagine Toys®. What, exactly, makes this remote-controlled toy car a smart toy? Most importantly, it is controlled using a free, downloadable app available on smartphones or tablets; by using this piece of technology, your child can control the speed and direction of the car. In addition to this, the app also utilizes and teaches about GPS systems, radar systems, on-board computers, laser detectors, and more.

Of course, part of the allure and importance of smart toys is their ability to react with the world around them. Specifically, in regards to this app-powered toy, as your child drives it throughout the augmented reality cityscape, it may begin to let its police sirens wail if it runs a stoplight or comes too close to a building. The smart toy is manufactured with a system of artificial intelligence that allows it to react to external stressors in the world around it.

Other smart toys even adapt to their surroundings; because technology is rapidly being constructed that utilizes artificial intelligence systems, toys are beginning to implement this as well. Some smart toys of the future will not only react to the world around them, but will learn and adapt as well.

How Smart Toys Help Children’s Development

Generally, smart toys sound incredibly fun, and act as great gifts for your kids on special occasions. Beyond that, however, it is important to understand how smart toys help children’s development.

For one, smart toys, such as the app-powered car, require children to interact with futuristic technologies that they will often use on a daily basis throughout the rest of their lives. To be sure, tablets and smartphones are nearly ubiquitous now, and introducing them to your child at an early age will increase their grasp and comprehension. Furthermore, smart toys will help your child learn about various aspects of science and technology, and will even introduce them to engineering at a very young age.

Learning with Smart Toys

Smart toys can be wonderful tools to help in your child’s development. And if you are looking for a great set of toys for your kids, turn to Imagine Toys® and grab a few today.

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