What Makes Interesting Modern Collectible Toys?

What Makes Interesting Modern Collectible Toys?

Children throughout history have shown an interest in collecting toys and keeping them as prized possessions for all of their friends to see. To be sure, since their creation, collectible baseball and other sports cards have been a favorite of boys throughout the nation; and girls have long enjoyed collecting dolls of all shapes and sizes. And, of course, little ones everywhere often collect other toys such as stickers, race cars, and even pieces of memorabilia.

But in today’s day and age, what sorts of collectible toys do children enjoy? Is there a difference between the collectibles of the past, and the modern collectibles of today’s children?

To be sure, there are many similarities between modern collectibles and those that children have loved in the past; in contrast, there are also many differences as well. Read on to learn about what makes interesting modern collectible toys, and discover some of the great options available through Imagine Toys®.

Figurines Have Stood the Test of Time

While some attributes of modern collectibles may be entirely different from their previous counterparts, one type has stood the test of time: figurines. To be sure, children throughout previous generations have fallen in love with the idea of collecting figurines and posing them on shelves for everyone to see.

What types of figurines to kids love these days? At Imagine Toys®, we offer a variety of different figurine collectibles, from those in the shape of pirates to knights, and even futuristic astronauts.

In fact, we even offer two sports-theme miniature figurines, both of which are shaped after professional baseball players who inspire kids each and every day. These figurines are the perfect gift for little ones who are looking for something to collect.

Collectibles Change with Pop Culture

Of course, many children may still love to collect figurines and other types of memorabilia. But, in general, most collectible toys will change along with the times. Specifically, while children fifty years ago may have collected memorabilia and figurines from their favorite 1960s movies and television shows, kids now opt for items that match what they see on the big screen.

The same goes for posters and stickers, memorabilia that children to this day still love to collect and keep for themselves. Most children now likely collect posters and memorabilia taken directly from modern media, instead of that of previous generations.

Kids Love Cars…

What is another type of collectible that kids love now and have throughout previous generations? Toy cars, and other motorized vehicles. In general, for years children, and especially boys, have loved the idea of collecting miniature toy cars to play with and keep.

What are the differences between the toy cars of old, and the toy cars that our children collect today? Again, most of the differences will lie in the developments that have occurred throughout history; while children in the 1960s and 1970s may have collected miniature Pontiac GTOs to keep on their shelves in their bedroom, children nowadays may instead look for more modern models, such as those made by Tesla or Lamborghini.

…And Stuffed Animals

Of course, along with toy cars and miniature figurine collectibles, many children of a young age still love to collect as many stuffed animals as possible to keep them company during bedtime. Children may use stuffed animals for safety and security, and as proxy friends with whom they can have friends during pretend play. And certainly, while the types of stuffed animals may differ and vary over the course of the years, children still use them for the same purpose of safety and comfort.

Technology Has Changed Everything

Up until now, we have generally discussed collectible items that have barely differed over the past years. But there is one type of collectible that children years ago would never be able to comprehend: technology, and more specifically virtual items that can be pursued on technological devices.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, children now have access to a variety of virtual games and activities to keep them busy. And, furthermore, within these virtual games and activities often exist different types of collectibles, such as virtual animals, virtual cars, and even virtual medals.

For some children, the idea of acquiring virtual collectibles is much more enticing than pursuing real-world counterparts. Herein lies the main difference between modern collectibles and those in the past: children now have the opportunity to acquire objects that are entirely intangible in the real-world, yet have a significant value to the child him or herself.

Are You Looking for Collectibles?

At Imagine Toys®, we love to provide toys and games that children of all ages can collect and keep for themselves and their loved ones. And if you are looking for some great options, head to our online store today and pick something up for your kids.


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