What Should You Pack in a Newborn Baby Hospital Bag?

items for newborn baby hospital bag

Taking the final trip to the hospital to deliver your newborn baby will certainly be one of the most exciting moments in your entire life. To be sure, the arrival of your baby represents two incredible moments in your life: for one, it is the culmination of your nine-month pregnancy, a time that you grew a beautiful child within your womb; and furthermore it is the very beginning of your baby’s new life.

Of course, in the cacophony that often precedes the trip to a hospital to deliver a baby, it is easy to leave behind a few necessities that may help you throughout the first few days of your new life with your baby. So instead of leaving it to last-minute preparing when you are rushing out the door to the hospital, plan in advance and put together a newborn baby hospital bag for you and your newborn. And if you need some times, consider these great items for a newborn baby hospital bag as you start this beautiful new chapter of your life.

Sustenance for You and Dad

While sometimes the delivery process may go rather quickly, in reality it may be an overnight affair, with some moms even taking more than 24 hours to deliver their newborns. As such, it is important that you come prepared with healthy snacks for both you and dad to ensure that you are receiving proper nutrition during this time.

What are some great snacks to pack in your newborn baby hospital bag? Consider packing a few granola bars or energy bars, which will help you keep your energy levels high throughout the process. You can also bring other healthy snacks such as fruit or vegetables, or anything else that you may crave during that time.

Of course, most hospitals will have vending machines in the hallways, so you may be able to find some food when you arrive. Just make sure that you have enough change or bills to use when you are in the hospital.

Other Overnight Items

Because you may have to spend a few nights in the hospital, you may also want to ensure that you have everything you need to attend to your personal hygiene while you wait for your baby arrive. As such, other great items for a newborn baby hospital bag may include toothbrushes and a travel tube of toothpaste for you and dad, some lip balm, a comb or brush, and other such items that you are used to at home. For dad, consider bringing along a shaving set, with razors and shaving cream. Even items such as shampoo and conditioner can help you to feel fresh while you wait for delivery.

Tank Top or Nursing Bra

Remember that shortly after the delivery your newborn baby will be hungry and need to eat. As such, it is in your best interests to bring along a tank top or nursing bra for you to use during your baby’s first attempt at breastfeeding. This will keep you comfortable as you rest and connect with your newborn child during this delightful time.

Thank You Cards

If you received gifts during a baby shower or another time throughout the course of your pregnancy, now is the perfect time to compose quick “thank you” notes to your friends and family. And the perfect way to stay prepared is by bringing a pen and notepad in your baby hospital bag that you bring for your delivery. During any down time you have at the hospital you can pull out the pen and quickly write a note thanking someone for what they provided for you and your new family.

Something to Keep You Busy or Entertained

Finally, some mothers may find themselves extremely fidgety or bored as they sit in the hospital room, waiting for their newborn baby to finally arrive. While the delivery process may have begun, they may still need to wait a few hours (or even a full day) before the baby is ready, leaving them with plenty of time on their hands, and stuck in a hospital bed.

Don’t leave yourself unprepared in a situation like this; instead, come ready with a deck of cards, a fun and exciting novel, or another game that you can play by yourself or with dad to pass the time. This will help keep you occupied as you wait for this miraculous moment in your life.

Get Ready for the Birth of Your New Baby

Bringing along a newborn baby hospital bag is a necessity for expecting mothers. But are you unsure of what to pack in your hospital bag? If so, use these simple tips and ideas to stay prepared for this life-changing moment.

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