What Toys Help Build a Future Architect’s Imagination?

Watching your little one play with a set of building blocks may not automatically make you think that your child will one day become an architect. But, in fact, by allowing him or her to experiment with building and construction toys you are presenting your child with the option of one day pursuing a life in this enriching and fulfilling career.

Do you want to provide your child with the ability to explore the world of construction and architecture? Or is he or she already interested, and you are looking for ways to continually fuel his or her imagination? If so, don’t hesitate to test out these toys for architects today from the online store and let your child begin building a masterpiece.

What Toys Help Build a Future Architect’s Imagination?

Arx 2.0

Not all children’s architecture toys must be comprised of simple wooden blocks. In fact, at Imagine Toys®, we believe that non-traditional architecture toys can be used to help little ones think outside of preconceived norms of building and construction. And that is exactly why we offer Arx 2.0, a delightful and creative toy for children interested in architecture that your little one will fall in love with immediately. This toy for architects is made up of stackable and slidable magnetic pieces that can connect in a variety of ways, and that can be pieced together to create anything within your child’s imagination.

Modern Architecture Blocks

Modern Architecture Blocks

Of course, we also believe that traditional building blocks provide a unique way of stimulating a child’s imagination. And because of this, we enjoy providing you and your little ones with the Modern Architecture Blocks, a set of colorful building blocks that allow your kids to construct a host of brilliant architectural shapes. Your kids can use the 118 different construction blocks to create curves, columns, spires, and much more.

toy for architects

Archiquest Deluxe World Fusion Block Set

Let your child go on a quest to construct buildings from centuries ago with the Archiquest Deluxe World Fusion Block Set from Imagine Toys®. This fun toy for little architects comes with 218 different pieces that are all hand-painted with original artwork inspired by real-life architecture. Your child can recreate architectural masterpieces found in civilizations across the world, including Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, Persian, and Russian. Watch in wonder as your child creates St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and other famous architectural landmarks across the globe.

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Stack N Scare Blocks

Bring some monstrous fun into the playroom today with the awesome Stack N Scare Blocks toy for architects from Imagine Toys®. This adorable kids’ architect toy lets your children create little monsters throughout the house. This 14-piece wooden block construction set includes pieces to create monster pants, eyeballs, shoulders, and heads, all of which can be utilized to craft a complete monster. This is an excellent toy to foster imagination and motor skills in your little aspiring architect.

Magformers Designer toy for architects

Magformers Designer Set

For children, magnets can act as an incredibly useful type of educational tool. Specifically, due to their connective nature, magnets can be used to learn about the world of gravity and physics, as well as the basics of architectural patterns. And your little ones can learn all about magnets and architecture with the Magformers Designer Set from Imagine Toys®. These intelligent magnets come in six colors and five different shapes that can be put together to create numerous different finished products. Your child can create a robot that towers over the floor, a spaceship that can be sent flying into outer space, or other futuristic creations that lie within his or her imagination.

Citiblocs toys for architect

500 Citiblocs with Bin

Has your little one had the chance to play with Citiblocs yet? If not, he or she is missing out on a new kids’ architectural craze that is sweeping the nation. With the 500 Citiblocs with Bin toy, your child can use this 500-piece set of identically-crafted wooden blocks to build domino runs or create different structures. Because each piece is identical, these wooden blocks are easy to balance, and your little one will learn about the basics of engineering while having a blast!

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Squigz Benders

Finally, we believe that no architectural education is complete without a set of the Squigz Benders. These bendable, twistable, and poppable construction toys for kids are nothing like you have ever seen before. Your child will be forced to utilize the full capabilities of his or her own imagination when crafting a new structure with this awesome set of twisty toys.

Fuel the Imagination of Your Little Architect

Has your child showed a budding interest in the field of construction or architecture? Or do you simply want to provide him or her with the means to learn about this exhilarating field? If so, get started today with these great toys for children interested in architecture available at the online store today.


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