What Toys Will Spark an Aspiring Astronaut’s Imagination?

Astronauts are undoubtedly some of the most inspiring individuals for kids of all ages. Astronauts face their fears and go rocketing into space, exploring new worlds and spending time floating among the stars. While their job may be dangerous at times, these daring individuals often perform tasks that many children one day dream of trying.

Of course, as you may know, in reality it is incredibly difficult to become an astronaut, as the requirements for such a position are unbelievably strict, and few people ever make the cut. That being said, one of the best ways to help your child achieve his or her eventual dream of being an astronaut is by fueling his or her passion for the profession at a young age.

So this year, do what you can to help your child realize his or her goals. And if you need some help, consider these great toys for aspiring astronauts to help your child reach the stars.

What Toys Will Spark an Aspiring Astronaut’s Imagination?

Fly Me to the Moon

Naturally, during the warmer months of the summer, there is a good chance that your child will want to spend most of his or her time outdoors in the backyard, either staring up at the sky, or exploring the other beauty present within nature. And now, you can let him or her send a backyard rocket into space with the Air Bolt Rocket Launcher. This sweet astronaut toy is a safe and fun way to let your child send a rocket flying into the atmosphere while enjoying the great outdoors.

How, exactly, does this toy work? It’s fairly simple – once you set up the stand, you place the rocket within and connect it to the stomp pad. After counting down from ten, your child can jump on the stomp pad, which will send the rocket flying up into space. The rocket is propelled by the rush of air expelled from the stomp pad, a lesson in physics that your child will learn after playing with this great astronaut toy for the first time.

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What’s Up There in Space?

There are so many incredible things that float around constantly in outer space. Of course, on a clear night we may be able to see the moon and a few stars, but everything seems so far off in the distance.

But wouldn’t it be great if our children could see these heavenly properties up close, and learn about them through educational activities. Now, this is possible with the Guide to the Galaxy astronaut toy available today. This awesome toy for aspiring astronauts comes with a collapsible telescope that your little one can use to stare up at the stars and the moon in the night sky, as well as a flashlight to light the way in the backyard, and even a sundial to tell the time during the day. And, it all comes with star maps to help your little ones understand the structure of the universe above. You can truly inspire your child’s love for space with this fun astronaut toy for kids.

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Race Through Space

Watch any science fiction movie and you will certainly see futuristic motor vehicles carrying people from place to place. In these movies cars often float above the ground, make bizarre noises, or are simply created in a design that we don’t see on today’s roads.

And while you may not be able to offer your child a flying car, you can still bring a smile to his or her face by bringing home the Space Bumpers. This cool astronaut toy lets your children pilot two futuristic remote control bumper cars. They can race around the house, pretending it’s a distant moon, and crash into one another as they go.

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Arts and Crafts Astronaut Fun

Even in the absence of a specific activity, you can still instill in your little one a love for astronauts and outer space. To be sure, with the Glow Magneti’Stick Rocket, you can let your children place these reusable magnetic stickers anywhere they want around the house, where they can stare at rocket ships, different planets, and even cartoon characters that are sitting up in space. These magnetic stickers can be easily moved from place to place, and can act as the perfect decoration for a little one whose head is up in the stars.

And best of all, they glow in the dark! You can light up the playroom at night, or even with the lights off, with this fun toy for aspiring astronauts.

Get Lost In Space This Year

Does your child dream of one day soaring above the planet in a rocket ship? Does he or she aspire to become an astronaut later in life? Fuel his or her imagination with these great astronaut toys for kids.

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